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  • Nintoedbeast

    I think it boils down to the scenario. If batman and superman were just picked up one day, placed in a giant arena, and were told to fight, batman would be no more. Another scenario would be just a spontaneous change in character. If both of them were just all of a sudden mortal enemies, then the winner would be who struck first.

    Now if we are talking about the original comics, then again superman would dominate. He was the smartest, fastest, strongest , most superb man of all time. Batman was a bat ass detective with a quirky sidekick. But if the batman in the fight was the super, over prepared plothole batman we all know and love today. Then batman could win, because he would have every possible situation planned to a T. If superman decides to try and shoot him from 5 miles away with laser vision, batman would push a button and some how (remember I called him a plothole) kryptonite would be there, whether from a laser satellite, or a rocket full of kryptonite gas. He would be able to use lead, kryptonite, and mirrors to come up with something. The list of scenarios is endless. One might say, ” superman gets fed up with being evaded and walks right in to batmans kryptonite trap!” Then the other guy would retort, ” Well superman would win because he could just pick up Bruce Wayne’s mansion and throw it into the sun before batman can even blink!”

    Despite all of this, it really is impossible to say who would win, because they both have the tools to take out the other. I mean if two people got in a fight, and one guy had a sword and the other guy a baseball bat the fight could go both ways. A sword does more damage and is a better weapon choice, but if the guy gets hit in the temple with a baseball bat, he’s dead. A sword won’t do much for a dead person. The real question is not who would win in a fight, because both batman and superman could win, it is, “who is a better super hero?” That is really what people are arguing about, and that just boils down to a matter of opinion.

    Personally, I love both of them and I do not see them ever fighting the way people want them too.

    • Paul2k2b1

      lets be honest. give one guy no morals and supermans powers and the other guy with no morals batmans powers, then superman literally would throw batman into the sun. end of

      • Nintoedbeast

        Totally, but the film industry and recent comics give batman way to much credit because it is hard to justify batman being in the justice league. But yeah, just based off powers and not circumstance or any other written fluff, then superman hands down.

      • Nintoedbeast

        First things first, the only reason batman has any bit of a chance is because of kryptonite. So superman would not be able to pick him up and throw him into the sun. Secondly, it doesn’t matter wether or not they have morals because it all depends on who strikes first. Thirdly they have morals, so your statement is irrelevant. The only aspect of you comment that is true is that superman is more powerfull than batman.

  • Shammo

    Batman is the most powerful one. Superman can easily killed by kryptonite

  • SwaggyBilbo

    Batman always carrys a green kryptonite ring in his utility belt so i would have to say batman but if it was something more like Spiderman vs batman spiderman would win because of stuff but ill save that for a future battle but yea green kryptonite is supermans weakness as you all know therefore if batman had time to plan superman would be dead so batman is my vote deal with it

  • Bob

    This is not even a contest! Superman would destroy Batman very easily! Superman has more power, more strength and way to fast for Batman. No Contest with or without Kryptonite. Superman wins every time!

  • Guest

    People would go with batman because batman is like well organised and he is a genius. There is one way to stop superman to make him weak is kryptonite so batman might find them.

  • Daniel Clark

    it really depends on who chooses the battlefield (sets it up, etc) and what equipment they both have.

  • Tony K

    After reading all the comments it occurred to me that Batman will win in a fight with superman. This is because Superman greatest weakness is his invincibility and Batman greatest strength is his fragility. Batman operates at the peak of his strength bringing together all his arsenal to the battle. Superman is working against his intuition to function in this world he has to slow down his body that alone takes him down to Batman’s level. Superman doesn’t understand fear and vulnerability. Batman thrives from his fear and vulnerability. Batman will win I can’t state how because I don’t want to make it known. Trust me Superman won’t know what hit him.

  • The Bad-Ass

    Superman wins. Handsdown. I am welcoming everybody here to argue with me and take evidence from anything. BUt dont use Dark Knight Returns as a part of your arguement. That story made Batman stories even more shitty than it already was. Also, if anyone of you guys say he will win “Because he is Batman”, You are a desperate idiot with no idea or experience with comics. Now lets get down to facts. 1. Batman has KRyptonite. He has to be close to Supes to weaken him, but Superman is 100 feet way faster than a speeding bullet. So all Superman has to do is heat vision BAts from a distance. Remember, Superman doesnt have to keep the fight interesting. There just has to be a winner. 2. Batman is smart. But the thing is, Superman is smarter in every aspect. He just doesnt use his super-intelligence in a situation so Batman doesnt feel completely useless in the Justice League. 3. Superman is vulnerable to magic. BUt Batman doesnt have magic, so I am done with that reason. 4. Batman was taken down by Bane almost twice. Superman, is fifteen times stronger than Bane with loads of additional powers. So that is obvious to the winner. 5. Batman is the best in combat? Yeah maybe. BUt that is useless when you literally have a guy who arm wrestled two demigods at the same time, and winnning with that, who can destroy a city a slight glare, go at almost the speed of light, who gets tickled by gunfire, and who laughs at bazooka fire. Adding on to the fact that he knows combat and that Wonder Woman and Batman actually trained him in combat without his powers.

    I am done with those reasons. Thanks for reading. And argue if possible.

    • Paul2k2b1

      Batman wins any day of the week. Because superman is gay.

  • Billy W Alexander

    If you ever watched the original Batman you know that it was fisticuffs. Toe to toe fighting, plus he had Robbin! Still batman always got hemmed up and narrowly escaped doom. The only way he could ever defeat the “Man of Steel” is to ware a kryptonite Batsuit, and convert all his weapons to kryptonite. Batmobile included! What is going on in this world, have we lost track of our Super Hero’s? LOL

  • Jason

    Superman has laser eyes he can fly he can travel at the speed of light he’s can throw trucks the list goes on and on batman would get massacred.

  • Green

    Batman has a 13 contingency plans to be chosen at random for Batman even therefore why exactly would he 1. Not have kriptonite 2. Fight superman on earth 3. Care in the first place?

  • hayden

    batman would win without a doubt as he would build a super sonic tool for his utility belt that would kill batman like a laser pointer or somthing like that idk

  • Jay

    Superman is near to God himself and Batman is a puny human against him

    Talking about being prepared, Superman can break everything and he can blast of things with his Heat Vision

    If you talk with regard to the “kill him from a mile away” then you are completely wrong cuz Superman has Telescopic as well as X-Ray vision which would help him know where is Batman hiding

    His senses, muscles and skin are stronger than any person on Earth

    And while fighting if he flies to the Sun and gets his powered Super Charged then there’s only death for Batman

    Superman would throw an Uppercut to Batman and he would fly into space and his corpse would float out there?

  • Roberto Ulysse

    The whole batman Vs superman makes absolutely no sense, I grew up adoring both characters, but even spider-man is way to much for batman,he (batman) can only stand against mortal man with no super power whatsoever. Hello people, even a legion of batmen cannot come close to defeating superman.The hulk is no match against superman. One of his abilities is his invulnerability (almost indestructible), and being able to move faster than the speed of light, at least six times faster. Only supreme beings in his class can be considered as real challengers. Batman is a vigilante but superman is a god-like creature. Although the premise of the movie sounds appealing to both heroes’ fans. THE SUPER COLD TRUTH IS: IT MAKES NO SENSE.

  • Josue

    The thing between these two is that both of these men know how to beat each other. One being human at peak levels and another being an almost indestructible alien. Btamna took down the whole JLA by himself. He has beaten superman a few times and has the ability to do so. Instead of writing so much in simple terms, batman can beat superman and superman can beat batman. Most of the time though superman would probably win but Batman is smart, strong, fast, stealthy, and hes just……BATMAN.

  • superhero sub

    Ok people,people,people get this into your tiny little brains.Batman knows everything about superman that includes him being Clark Kent and of course his powers.Knowing batman he has become prepared if superman turned evil which happened in Injustice and whenthat happened Batman got a group of heros together to stop superman well actually they didnt stop him they opened a portal from the past and let the past superman beat the evil superman.Anyways batman knowing everything about superman has a planwhen he becomes or ever becomes evil so he would have to be creative and by that I meen create some new inventions.Now to pause for a moment and think of the retards.Ok so superman has super strength,freeze breath,speed,can fly,heat vision think bats dont know he can come up with something to stop that plus to mention his stash of kyro(Short for kyrotonite) .Now supeman doesnt know about that stash plus if he even did batman has got some with him all the time.Batman has survifed his arm and back broken and he is a human not to mention a rich one.Besides superman doesnt know everything about batman.To end this batman would win no buts or whats but here is a question.Even if superman didnt turn evil why would they fight.And now radom question time who would win hulk or bane. :P bai im a true batman fan and im saying he would win. WHOEVER SAYS SUPERMAN WOULD WIN STILL THOUGH WILL BE KILLED BY ME DRESSED AS BATMAN AND I WILL BEAT TH LIVING SH!T OUT OF YOU.

  • This Girl Kori

    Batman because he doesn’t need any “superpowers” to get business done unlike superman who is emotionally impaired

  • tanthrox

    given enough preperation, batman can kill anyone. so i say batman

  • bob

    Superman would obliterate batman from existence hands down. This wouldnt even be a fight at all comparing an average human who could destroy galaxies with a sneeze, fly faster than the speed of light and can withstand almost any threat. Superman is so fast and powerful that batman wouldn’t be able to move let alone blink before superman smashed batman into atoms. Batman fanboys dont realize superman outmatches batman and every way, superman is even a lot more intelligent than batman. Image how strong superman is compared to batman, it is the same for his intelligence. Superman thinks at the speed of light 186,000 miles per SECOND. Where as batman thinks like a human a maximum of 200 mp HOUR, as information is transferred from neurons in the brain. In this fight batman wouldnt even be able to blink before his faced utter death. Batman fanboys. Even super mans super human hearing abilities would deem a surprise attack on superman almost impossible. Batman only has a chance in the comics to make a compelling story, because an actually story would end in a nanosecond with superman emerging victorious. Superman can even take kryptonite blows as with his fights with Metallo. Superman wins 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the time hands down. Batman fanboys come on.

  • John Herman

    Batman will win. Batman will simply out smart him. In a toe to toe fight of course he’s no macth. But being a genius he is, he would not fight superman head on without being fully perpared. Neff said

  • Batman fan2112121

    Ok you like batman better thats fine but let’s be honest in a real fair fight both sides get prep time and no out side help super man would win even with kryptonite he powers threw it in most situations even if he didn’t with no outside help even will weakened batman said he would break all the bones in his hand if he punched him. Be realistic in a real not totally one sided fight where batman magically has a gadget that can somehow beat him,superman would win so vote superman

  • Ty

    This is an absolutely retarded question. Superman would win hands down. Batman is a human for goodness sakes. I cannot believe so many people think Batman would win. What a joke!

  • Sarah

    Well, il say Batman because Superman use his powers to make people love him. Batman dont do it an e figth only with ones who are evil. Il say Batmen from another reason too: Superman is lazy one who didnt do anythig to get power and Batman do it so il vote for Batman.

  • urtrippinsicc

    So dumb superman has it any way u look at it…superman has cray vision so knew batmans true identity the second he met him batman could never sneak attack superman because of his super hearing and cray vision he couldn’t hide from him the second batman went to reach for anything superman could stop him or just fly away and laser eye him …butman has no chance anyway u look at it….unless he is made to be to stupid to know how to use all the powers he has had since being a little kid….batman only wins because ppl in general like him more, his fan base is slightly bigger because he is a “regular” guy without superpowers this is a stupid argument if u really take everything into consideration…..superman > batman

  • The Critic

    Hands down Superman would win in a fight. I’m tired of all these Batman fans claiming “Because he’s Batman. Or Batman always comes prepared.” I am prepared to take any argument from those who wish to bring it on.

  • The Critic

    Hi. It’s ovious.

  • Superman loves dicks

    Y’all act as if batman hasn’t known about superman till the day they fight. You know Bruce has a way of shutting Clark down && he’s came up with it within months of knowing about superbitchhhh! Hahah superman is the gay mans hero. Niggas gunna act like baan ain’t got no Krypton suit,car,fucking everything kryp!!

  • Gid

    Batman is Insane when it comes down to it, even if he coudn’t Fight (which can always do) He is a geniuse who can play defence.

  • British Youtuber

    Superman. Batman doesn’t even have a superpower. He is just a man who saves people. But Superman however, has incredible abilites and would easily beat him. Yes, Batman could just find Kryptonite but Superman could put batman in space, or use his super strength.

  • Nisism Levy

    Well, maybe batman can’t defeat superman but superman has a weakness to magic therefore david coperfield or penn & teller would easily beat superman into super smithereens

  • I am a guest

    Robin: Superman has heat vision, Artic breath, superst-

    *slaps Robin*

    Batman: I have kyptonite armor you idiot!

  • BatmanFan

    Well apart from superman,batman is smarter……he’ll know what to do when shit goes down….i mean all he have to do is stab a big kryptonite stake into supermans chest… offence superman

  • FX

    I know that Batman is going to get the most votes here cause he’s more popular today, It wouldn’t have mattered if it were vs. Galactus. But let’s face it Superman is just as smart as Batman if not smarter, way more faster and stronger, his super senses like microscopic vision and super hearing could help him locate Bruce from a mile away. IMO Supes would wipe the floor with Bats. but I know the fanboys will disagree.

  • Rivets

    Batman carries a Kryptonite ring with him at all times specifically for the purpose of taking Superman out of commission and would deduce that Superman would at least want to talk about the issue first allowing him to place the ring in a position where he could use it effectively. If he didn’t have that rock superman would instantly win, but because he does Superman physically does not stand a chance.

  • Batman,


  • Neff said

    How did batman defeat the justice league in jla tower of babel?
    1 Answer • Comics & Animation
    Best Answer (Chosen by Voter)
    Tower of Babel deals with Batman’s perceived betrayal to the superhuman community by keeping records concerning the strengths and weaknesses of his allies in the JLA, including plans to neutralise his allies in a fight. His files are stolen by Ra’s al Ghul, who uses them to defeat the League through a coordinated attack to prevent them from interfering with his latest scheme.
    Most of the League is temporarily defeated early in the story:
    Martian Manhunter is covered with nanites that convert the outer layer of his skin into magnesium, causing him to burst into fire (his greatest weakness) upon exposure to air. He later survives by wearing an airtight water-filled suit provided by Aquaman, then waiting until he can shed enough skin cells to function normally. Batman didn’t anticipate this strategy because he never expected Martian Manhunter to survive so long.
    Aquaman is rendered hydrophobic due to an altered form of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Without water, he would die in a matter of hours. Martian Manhunter uses his telepathy to generate an illusion of him in a desert when hydrating him in a tank full of water, although he is forced to more directly help Aquaman overcome the effects of the toxin when he regains consciousness in the tank before the serum wears off.
    Plastic Man is frozen solid, then shattered by a hammer by one of Ra’s al Ghul’ henchmen. Afterward, Flash reassembles him, allowing Plastic Man to recover.
    Green Lantern is rendered blind by his own power ring from a post-hypnotic suggestion introduced while he was asleep and the ring placed on him at night. As an artist, Kyle is unable to function without his vision to guide the ring’s power, but he is able to overcome the post-hypnotic suggestion after his ring is temporarily removed and the methods behind the attack are explained to him.
    Thanks to a nanite injected into her ear, Wonder Woman is trapped in a virtual reality battle against an opponent who she cannot defeat and is her equal in every way. Her refusal to surrender under any circumstance would eventually cause her heart to fail. The nanite is removed by Plastic Man after he recovers.
    A specially designed “vibra-bullet” strikes Flash in the back of the neck, causing him to experience seizures at light speed before it is removed by Superman’s heat vision. Although only exposed to the weapon for 22 minutes, Wally’s relativistic speed makes the experience feel like months.
    Superman’s skin becomes transparent after exposure to Red Kryptonite, an artificial creation of Batman’s made by exposing a green kryptonite sample to radiation developed in the event of him simply wanting to stop Superman for a while rather than actually killing him (For which he would use his original sample of kryptonite). As Superman is powered by solar energy, his skin’s transparency causes a sensory overload by his internal organs’ direct exposure to sunlight without his skin as a proper solar filter to the extent that he can hear conversations on Earth while he himself is located on the moon.

  • Wm Thomas Capps

    Yep Superman would win. Just freeze the bat pick him up and fly him into space to the sun and he is done. Or fry the bat with lazor eyes.

Ah, the two mainstays of DC comics and, of course, the most iconic superheros in the world. Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes, we’re more interested in who kicks the most ass. Who would you rather be? Superman embodies the All American persona, a more polished mama’s boy with unwavering values and morals while Batman is not only the most cunning detective on the planet, but he’s also one of the most intelligent people to walk the Earth. He’s honed his body to the peak of human perfection… plus he’s straight-up bad ass. Not afraid to bend his idealogy to get the job done and capable of doing real, scary damage.

Blue jumpsuits are just not our thing. Bats in black are where it’s at. Gotta say Batman all the way here. I suppose if a good superman movie were to come out this decade that could change things, but for right now Bats takes it. P.S. Who exactly is Brandon Routh?

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