Batman VS Superman

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  • Meowmix

    Batman has his intelligence while superman might have his laser vision. Batman does know that kryptonite is superman’s weakness so he can prepare for when he wants to beat the crap out of superman.

  • Adam Weatherly

    I think batman could win because lex Luther had fought against super man and won or do a lot of damage to him. batman is smarter then lex is. Also in one of the animated series he says he has prepared for everyone in the justice league. Superman found out that he had information on every one of the superheroes weaknesses and he got pissed and said you’ve been keeping tabs on all of us and then bat man said yes because what if one day you guys just say I don’t want to be superheroes anymore, I want to be a villain. And then he tells superman you would be a damn fool if you didn’t have one on me. All in all batman would win

  • damian wayne

    batman was made to get rid of superman when batman first came superman was a rival to dc

  • damian wayne

    batman better everything batman would winall odds arpart from superman prime

Ah, the two mainstays of DC comics and, of course, the most iconic superheros in the world. Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes, we’re more interested in who kicks the most ass. Who would you rather be? Superman embodies the All American persona, a more polished mama’s boy with unwavering values and morals while Batman is not only the most cunning detective on the planet, but he’s also one of the most intelligent people to walk the Earth. He’s honed his body to the peak of human perfection… plus he’s straight-up bad ass. Not afraid to bend his idealogy to get the job done and capable of doing real, scary damage.

Blue jumpsuits are just not our thing. Bats in black are where it’s at. Gotta say Batman all the way here. I suppose if a good superman movie were to come out this decade that could change things, but for right now Bats takes it. P.S. Who exactly is Brandon Routh?

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