Batman VS Superman

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  • nat

    Batman would win, superman arch villian is lex luthar, a normal human being

  • taken

    Batman would win because he has lots and lots of krtopnite

  • peter

    everyone seems to forget that superman gets his powers from the yellow sun that’s the reason his people couldn’t just fly out of his planet cause they were just like regular people

  • Marc

    Superman is just an alien bully, who has a twisted sense of right and wrong with no consequence to his actions, batman is the underdog but uses his brain and brune and would smash superman, or super alien as he should be renamed too.

  • Lex luther

    Batman… ’nuff said…

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  • bruce wayne

    lets be real we all know that if it came down to it superman might be able to out power bat man but this little green rock makes super man pretty much powerless he can’t do hardly anything to bat man with this rock in his pocket so batman would just sit there and wreck superman all day till he had enough then go back to his million dollar home and train some more lmao

  • ashvik

    beacause i love bat man

  • Ryan Salem

    Batman carries kryptonite in his utility belt… Game = over

  • rainwash

    If Superman decided to go rogue, Batman would be dead a half second later.

  • SantaClaus

    Does anybody actually read the description on the left?



  • Mirza Jony

    Superman is the most powerfull man. If the whole mavel or DC comic superhero are joined. They can’t finish the super hero Superman. Batman is nothing to Superman. Fuck off Batman……Son of the bitch Batman…..Batman can’t win with X-man…..Batman will be won with superman…..No body think that how is it possible?……Superman is greater and more powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all
    Superman is the one, greatest and most powerfull than all

    Note: Allah is the one, best, the most powerfull than all and all over the world, space and Everything…

  • Elijah

    Most people would go with Batman, only because subconsciously, they think they think that they could be Batman, I mean Batman is just Human, and we are Human, but Superman is not therefor people can’t be Superman, and that’s the only reason why people go for Batman, sure in their conscious mind they probably have a thousand somewhat logical explanation for why Batman would win, but lets face everyone, when it comes down with it Superman has no equal what so ever Superman is obviously going to win, It doesn’t matter if Batman has Kryptonite, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and can rip Batman apart in less than half that time of when Batman gets the Kryptonite out, and even so Superman can destroy the Kryptonite with Heat Vision from a Distance, if not that Superman can Vaporize Batman in a Millisecond from a Far Distance so Superman wont be affected. What does Batman have, a lot of gadgets, a scientific mind, advanced fighting skills and a sidekick, Superman doesn’t need all that, he is INVINCIBLE, he can MANIPULATE GRAVITY, BLAST INTENSE HEAT FROM HIS EYES, RUN FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET, Naturally has an ADVANCED MIND(He is Kryptonian) and has X-RAY VISION. So again people, the only reason why you go for Batman is because we are the closest thing next to him, it comes down with the Subconscious mind.

  • edogg

    If Lex Luthor could almost beat superman then batman could surely beat him. Kryptonite makes superman into superpussy. Batman with his smarts will kill superman.

  • The Real Batman

    But batman is actually more realistic of a thing to happen so batman wins because superman is not able to truly exist

  • LER_Legion

    Sooo….if superman is capable of moving fast enough to apparently reverse the rotation of the earth, which turns back time(yay for science), is capable of lifting billions of pounds(has difficulty stopping a plane and fighting enemies tho) and can melt or freeze shit on demand. All the oversights to make movies exciting aside, I wonder what a, at the very least super sonic, punch from arguably one of the strongest humanoids in DC comics, would do to a, at the end of the day, human body. My bet is fission would probably take place(joke). Hell, encase batman in ten feet of the shit captain Americas shield was made of and some of that lovely ballistic gel, I’d wager with the prior stats, the same shit would probably still occur.

    *oh captains shield would stop it so ten feet definitely would!*

    Really? If it can be bent, warped or pierced, how the fuck was the shield even made in the first place? A wish from the late robin Williams in his genie days?

    All shit aside, I hate superman, matter of fact, don’t really care for bat Manuel that much either(wish he killed more things/people) but bottom line I much prefer my dear little Fruit bat friend over here to the Down syndrome man of carbon infused iron over there.

    Still, I’d have to hand it over to superman. Yes, yes, batty has an irradiated glowing green rock that causes cancer in particular beings, got it. I all understand that our echolocating friend can make(making an ammo pun here) some fancy 5.52 depleted uranium green tip rounds that over penetrate targets. Yes yes, nice. Apparently, out cancer patient friend can out run bullets. I believe at one point he also had a suit that resisted the affects of kryptonite. Can’t remember where I saw it, some cartoon when I was a wee lad and the suit looked like it was fabric but whatever.

    Batboy has gadgets and really cool shit I would like to have, but no holds barred(think I used the expression correctly) superman would take it for the win.


    I refuse to proofread this bitch
    Jonmcnally12@ outlook. com

  • Callum

    Batman would get destroyed, superman is close to a god in terms power, strength and almost everything else. Fanboys of batman think he would win because he’s batman, this is retarded. Batman may be more intelligent BUT superman is almost as fast as Flash, this meaning that he could read every book in the world and use every website and use every information source in the world in under 30 minutes at most. Batman has dodged Darkseid’s omega beams, that is very impressive But Superman has broke the freaking SOURCE WALL if you don’t know what that is look it up.
    Superman can lift 200 quintillion tons, batman can’t even lift a 1/100 of that.
    I am a batman fan, a HUGE batman fan, so don’t say i’m a superman fanboy. This is stupid how it is even a fight about who would win, it’s like pitting howard the duck against thanos or pitting OR pitting CHILD emperor pilaf against SSJ4 goku.
    These are the reasons i think superman would win their are a million more but these are are the ones i can think of.

  • Poke_the_turtle

    Batman would no matter what win he has kryptonite in his vast arsenal of tools and he already has beaten batman in the animated The Dark Knight Returns film where he beats him using his allies consisting of Robin and Oliver (The Green Arrow) All he has to do is throw a kryptonite rock at him and BOOM instant victory

  • Elisaaa

    I agree that Superman does have a great advantage. But come one, Batman can easily can build a weapon that can match Superman’s abilities. Don’t underestimate him all because he is human. Remember Superman’s weakness is a rock.

  • Bluepawnz

    Lol this isn’t even a fair fight I mean I like Superman and Batman It comes down to who is the strongest smartest and fastest now Batman is pretty smart but Superman is smarter even in the comic Batman said that Superman if he wanted to can rule the entire world and destroy everyone and everything without even trying… But he said he would never do it because of his morals Superman places everyone above him and protects everyone and he will fight until there is not a breath to draw from him and even Batman he is a person with no powers yet he is able to go toe to toe with the strongest people on the planet and the galaxy! And people who say Superman is way to “over powered” just remember its not the the powers who get or how powerful are who…..


Ah, the two mainstays of DC comics and, of course, the most iconic superheros in the world. Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes, we’re more interested in who kicks the most ass. Who would you rather be? Superman embodies the All American persona, a more polished mama’s boy with unwavering values and morals while Batman is not only the most cunning detective on the planet, but he’s also one of the most intelligent people to walk the Earth. He’s honed his body to the peak of human perfection… plus he’s straight-up bad ass. Not afraid to bend his idealogy to get the job done and capable of doing real, scary damage.

Blue jumpsuits are just not our thing. Bats in black are where it’s at. Gotta say Batman all the way here. I suppose if a good superman movie were to come out this decade that could change things, but for right now Bats takes it. P.S. Who exactly is Brandon Routh?

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