Batman VS Superman

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  • Bienacer Ligutom Gumahad

    Uhuh batman has a kryptonite suit but i wont argue

    • thushjanth

      well if i was superman and you had a kryptonite suit i would just fly into space and take shots at you with meteors or lazer=P how long do you think batman can dodge ? cause superman just has to keep absorbing sun light i dont think batman will outlast the sun..

  • Breezy

    You guys need to stop talking about what superman can do with objects without minds or limbs and think about the fight. Batman has plenty of equipment that could easily defend against supermans power he has a massive bat suit that can shoot rockets and shit like that but all of yall forget one thing batman always carries kryptonite with him which batman can easily either get superman close to him or he can easily get close to superman.

    • Thushjanth

      what if superman goes into space and shoots lazer’s at batman, or if he wanted he could push the moon straight down onto batman. dodge this!!!!

  • Batman

    Superman would lose in this fight, im already winning in the above quotes

  • Batman

    Superman relies on his powers, his strength might be powerful however higher intellect with brains and brawns makes me the winner of this brawl

    • thushjanth

      superman is actually supposed to be super smart its been shown in some shows, get your facts straight mate… also batman relies on his gadgets alot to yea he knows how to fight but batman cant punch through steel so yea? all superman would have to do is x-ray batman find if he has any kyrptonite and if he does just fly back and bang bang lazer or pick up a truck and throw it at realise superman travels so fast and when ur traveling that fast he still sees all the details so imagine how much of awareness he must have and brain power to process everything at light speed….lets face it all these people coming up with kyrptonite will beat superman don’t consider much, when your an all powerful being and u know that a stupid green rock is pretty much only thing that can beat you, you really think he wont take litereally less a second to xray his opponent, wouldnt you if you were superman. doesnt take a genius to figure that out…… i think batman is awesome and realistic superhero but you just dont compare a god to a human thats just silly, if you actually can come up with a scenario as for how batman to beat superman while considering all the abilties he has then make a post and we can discuss otherwise stay out of the way bro hes faster than a speeding bullet so he could snack batmans neck before he makes a move:)

  • kumar


  • batman2005

    dont forget thet batsuit made of Kryptonite

    • Thushjanth`

      batman genious level : builds a kryptonite suit to stop superman gets his back broken by bain #didnt think that through did ya?

  • Batgirl

    Of course it’s batman because he’s batman with kryptonite for me batman is better what is nice if superman could do anything u should think with kryptonite batman will win he’s strong smart

    • Thushjanth

      swilly wrabbit Tricks are for keds^_^
      Just cause batman has kryptonite does not mean automatic win, he has to get it near superman while considering the fact superman is moving superfast that he might not even be able to see him with freeze breath, super breath super eye lazzzzzzerrrrr all coming at him….

      • Batgirl

        U know did u see the movie who won oh right it’s batman and batman can make a suit u know right!!’

  • Ace

    When the Green Lantern was asked if he was to destroy the Justice League, who would he take out first? He said that he would take out the most dangerous one, Batman. In the case of Batman vs Superman, Batman will win. Not because he is a better hero but because he isn’t. He doesn’t hold back and will give it his all. In the other hand, Superman would hold back.

    • Thushjanth

      superman does not need to hold back all he has to do is break a few bones 2 legs 2 arms should be enough. Also green lantern’s opinion does not mean much… and superman holds back against every opponent pretty much because he knows if he wanted to he would kill them as for batman he does not hold back cause he knows he would die if he does not give it his all. People say batman is smart and has kyrptonite but no one actually comes up with a way to get it near superman, in the comics superman fights him hand to hand and thats how batman got it near him come on really they only did that so batman would have have a chance no one would read a story if superman has no challenge and he just stands there destroying everything.
      Kryptonite bullet : superman can outrun bullets… are you going to say he wont dodge a bullet thats made of kryptonite …
      kryptonite suit:get a metal long frame from a building smash batman into the space
      kryptonite mist: super breath, blow it away..

      can you come up with a way for batman to beat superman now??

  • Brendan

    Well if I may be so bold I would have to say that the bat would most likely win and here are a few reasons why: 1. He could obtain some kryptonite somehow he is a friggin billionaire so he could just simply shoot superman with a gun with a bullet size piece of kryptonite which will sit least neutralize him long enough for batman to use the rest of it. (Before stating this next fact superman is a great superhero and it is possible that he could have just tore out the bullet than demolished batman easily but that is just another factor in this battle) 2. He could easily push superman to the ground and had he pre-fight made a kryptonite dagger just slice him but again many factors that can change things around. So my conclusion to this message: either one of them could win it all matters about the factors and the environment around them.

    • Thushjanth

      Batman vs Superman.
      1 on 1 fight superman would win.
      Without kryptonite and red solar energy batman has 0 chance of winning.
      People say batman knows all fighting styles and is smart but hitting something harder than steel with all styles of combat is still gona have 0 effect on him.
      Superman 1 – 0 batman

      superman can run circles around him literally, superman can run faster than a bullet how do you fight something you cant see? you can say ohh batman is smart and know which side superman will attack from but he still cant move fast enough to do anything to stop him.
      SUperman 2 – 0 batman

      super man has freeze breath, heat vision, super speed, super healing, super human hearing, so he can fight from a distance, where as batman has gadgets and well lets say he has a gun with kryptonite bullets, superman can still see the bullet being fired at him and run away from it so the effects of kyrotonite doesn’t affect him. you can also argue batman can dodge heat vision and freeze breath ( doubt it but whatever), how long do you think batman can keep it up he’s a human eventually he will get tired and get fried/frozen. if you want to say oh superman will get tired to at night cause of no sun to fuel him then all superman has to do is run/fly to other side of the world get a tan and then run back before batman can blink.
      SUPerman 3 – 0 batman

      not many people know this but superman is super smart, because he is from kyrpton where thier race was much much smarter than humans its just in the tv shows and movies he doesn’t show this off cause well he is already overpowered and if they made him super smart to then his opponents wouldn’t be much of a match for him. there is proof in one show/movie where he builds robots to fight and look after his fortress and he finds cures to disease’s and lets face it that’s pretty smart. Batman is a strategist makes cool gadgets makes antidotes to poison’s so both are smart. but your body cant always do what you mind thinks off so in that department superman can outperform batman

      SUPErman 4 – 0 batman

      superman gets to his teen to adult years then just lives on by absorbing rays from the sun so he is always at peak where as batman ages and well if batman lives forever he could just go off and outlive batman and thus beating him.

      SUPERman 5 – 0 batman
      so i guess its clear that the SUPER in SUPERman means he would beat batman.

      if you want read SUPERMAN one million , in that he lives well past 700th century goes and studies with the source of all or something and attains some god hood power like he needed anymore comes back and pretty much has the power to create life and alter reality.

      also you know superman has turned back time in one of his movies he could tell batman , wu

      • Thushjanth

        superman gets to his teen to adult years then just lives on by absorbing rays from the sun so he is always at peak where as batman ages and well if batman lives forever he could just go off and outlive batman and thus beating him.

        Edit:superman gets to his teen to adult years then just lives on by absorbing rays from the sun so he is always at peak where as batman ages and well if superman lives forever he could just go off and outlive batman and thus beating him.

  • TheRed Baron

    I love the Batman, but when u say a fight, I believe it should be considered from all aspects, I respect intelligence, but u need a basic power level to destroy your opponent, Batman lacks this strength to give the final blow to superman. SO here Supes win.

    However, if Batman is given the strength to give the final blow, I would tighthen up my Undie and fly away as far as possible form Batman.

  • E.R

    Batman my favorite super hero and everyone knows superman not human . Which ever super hero as a weakness batman can get crush bye any strong alien from DC . But the bat as no fear bruce wanye as all the money in the world well he’s rich like lex luthor and he almost killed superman with Kryptonite. It could go any another way it’s story could change superman beats batman or batman beats superman . But in Battle ill have to go with superman but ill sure batman won’t let him off that easy . Oh and people that saying that batman is weak and fight weak villians all i got to say its called REALITY MY FRIEND lets see superman with no power fight and gets he’s ass kicked.

  • Miss Mello

    If Superman wouldn’t win, it would be bullshit. It’s not about who we like more. Superman would win, no matter how much we like Batman.

  • Super alliance

    Look I love superman but I still enjoy batman. What I want to know is why the heck do the writers have to make them fight?! They both are there to protect they each have amazing abilities and to everyone who says ” without the writers superman would have no powers!” Well without the writers batman wouldn’t be as smart or rich the writers only made him that way! But what batman doesn’t under stand is that superman has morals and is on earth to protect the human race. Not to harm them that’s the only way batman can win! It’s because superman WONT kill him but if he chose to he could destroy batman with one blow even if batman had kryptonite it would only weaken superman! So and batman has said that superman can kill him. However they shouldn’t be fighting each other at all they should be helping each other and working together to serve justice and to protect earth!

    • Thushjanth

      pretty sure they become really good friends in justice league, in the cartoon series they are really good friends batman superman and wonder woman. batman goes to superman’s fortress of solitude on supermans birthday with a giftcard as present when wonder woman ask him what he got supeman he says what do you get a man who has everything and pulls out a giftcard or something along those lines

      • Thushjanth

        also when lex luthor puts batmans life in danger i think superman has a moment of rage and tells him you put my best friend in danger or something before beating up lex or darkside one of the 2

  • Kaleikim

    What the actual f***. Why do people keep saying, oh Batman is smarter. Who cares! If Superman wanted to kill batman he could destroy the planet… “What if batman is gonna get a spaceship”, f*** no! If he did Superman can blow that up too! “Oh Batman has kryptonite! Who the f*** cares Supes just destroy the planet. In fact the new movie, human race hates Supes, f**** human race destroy them too.

    • thushjanth

      LOl nicely put But we are humans to lol and not all of us hate supes

  • jasen

    In reality there is no way batman could even step into the ring with superman no matter if he is a genious or what. SUPERMAN HAS SUPERIOR INTELECT. The type of unworldly power superman posses is far from anything that any mortal has even seen. Im mean come on, he flew around the earth in seconds and reversed rotation on earth in one movie and redirected a nuclear warhead, held up a train…batman is a regular man who is a bit crafty and knows martial arts, wow…one sneeze from superman and batmans history. Thats the facts. Those who say oh come on its impossible that superman can be that powerful in the first place needs to realize….theres no batman either , its imagination. Batman never stood a chance from the start

  • Rick Stephan

    There is no way in the realm of possibility that a mere
    mortal, no matter how smart he is could beat Superman! The ONLY way Batman could beat Superman is with Kryptonite. Superman could stand perfectly still and there is NOTHING Batman could do to hurt him unless he had kryptonite. So, in a fair duel where neither had any weapons and used their own abilities, Batman loses EVERY time. He could not budge Superman even if he ran his Batmobile into Superman at 200 miles per hour. He could set off a nuke under Superman and Superman could shield the blast. This discussion is crazy. If Batman hits Superman as hard as he can, all he comes away with is a busted hand. Superman could with one finger flick Batman away like a bug. Come on now. Superman is not a mere mortal like Batman. I love Batman but can he fly into the Sun? Can he have a missile shot at him without dying? Of course not. Yes with kryptonite, he can harm Superman. Yet Superman could stay out of distance and
    Batman could do no damage while Superman could destroy Batman and spank him bad. So let it be manno against manno
    and watch Batman crumble.

  • Jack lawlor

    Batman was kiked out of justice league because he was Sean as a treat he had everyone in the justice leagues weakness I think he would win because superman was part of the justice league plus on top of all that batman worked so hard for all the weakneses that know he has a whole box of criptonite

  • fuxyews

    Superman on his own:
    Laser vision, flying into the centre of the sun, super strength, super speed, hears everything, can punch people through buildings, can be hit by a freight train and walks away without a hair out of place.

    Batman on his own:
    Struggles against a roided out jock (bane) and gets punched out, has a tough time against al-ghul and a schizophrenic clown and has no superpowers.

    Superman vs batman:
    Batman is an unkillable super-genious who can predict anything and account for all scenarios to infinity. Superman has effectively no powers, entirely unaware he has any sort of ability, can barely take a humans punch and has no motivation to fight, even if its for his own life.

    In a realistic fight:
    Superman would grab Batman in 1/1000th of a second from the fights beginning and throw him a mile into the sky and walk away..

  • Mike King

    Superman, is strong only because he is an Alien. He has no merit unlike Batman who has build himself. Yes, you have to admit, Superman is strong, he can fly, send laser, breath underwater, and he have almost every God-like powers. Batman it’s just a man, with none power, ok, he can loose in direct fight, but Batman unlike Superman, he is not a easy going superhero, hanging out with Wonder Woman, thinking like a kid and just wearing a glasses to hide his identity. Batman know already he can loose front Superman, but no matter what. He fight, it’s David agains Goliath, but he will fight until he win and at last, he does ! Maybe he is using tricks, but he is not born lucky with all super-strength, he never get a easy life. Batman has always worked hard, mind, strength and skills. And that why no matter what you think… BATMAN will always or almost beat Superman. Do not judge him, because he is a man. Nevertheless he’s hiding many surprise…

  • shreshtha singh

    Batman does not have any inhumane powers like superman which allows him to be more powerful.
    batman combines intelligence,technology and power while,superman was only gifted with weird supernatural powers

  • Lisa Hiscoe

    Ok. Let’s be serious here, if batman was actually trying to kill Superman. And Superman didn’t allow himself the option of lethal self-defence, it remains that Superman is faster, tougher, and stronger to a ridiculous extent.

    Batman in fact, would never connect with any attack; Superman would always dodge. But when you look it from this angle, Batman no matter how you put it, is still, human. He cannot escape from Superman’s grip should Superman grapple with him.

    For me, there is no clever use of tools or careful placement of kryptonite that would allow Batman to compete. For example, what if Batman’s armour was lined in kryptonite? There is no shortage of ways for Superman to subdue Batman without coming anywhere close: carrying the ground Batman is standing on, grabbing him with construction equipment, entombing him in machine parts (without crushing him), dumping a neck-deep tar pit on top of him…well, let your imagination run wild. Vote here:


    bat man sucks super has to do one simple thing no matter how much armor bat man wears super has to burn his mouth batman mouth is never covered simple

  • Jordan Forbes

    Yall are some fuckin nerds lol but batman would win he’s a cash money machine he thinks 10 20 30 steps ahead do you really think in any fight against superman he wouldn’t have a a back up plan he would punsish superman stab in the freakin heart with a knife of kryptonite and you say he will go to the sun and heal bull crab he just got stabbed come on batman knows all the moves of super he’s a 50 trick pony but batman can change his style he can make new weapons he will kill superman

  • Jordan Forbes

    And also get a fuckin life

  • Satya P. Joshi

    g0d vs human why batman wins

  • Sami Fuat

    Batman is a human.. And in his case he is a human wearing a suit of armer.. Superman comes from a planet known as krypton where all beings can do the impossible.. Fly, super strength, Lazer eye’s etc. And Cal L(superman) is stronger and more intelligent as well since the codex was stored in his body when he was born .. Which makes him 1000x “more” than any of his people.. Super man would destroy batman.. Superman is practically a god.. Some guns, knives, and a metal suit are not going to stop superman at all.. Not trying to put batman down but he has nothing over superman

  • Chris

    First off, I must start out by saying that I am a Superman fanboy. That being said, Batman has become more apealing to me and I ow more Batman comics than I di Superman. Superman for me works more as a movie caracter for various reasons.

    My vote: Superman

    All ofciarse depends on the rules and the moral codes. I have not read one comic where Superman was defeated by Batman without holding back or looking out for Batman’s well being more than actually fighting (Dark Knight Returns).

    The problem is that Superman is a misunderstood being. He’s the one fictional caracter that almist never utilizes his full ability. He has the ability to solve almost all of man’s problems but also the desire to be acppeted by humans which is why he keeps himself interfering with human history. This and the fact that he’s not afraid as he cannot get hurt is the reason some people actually beleives that were these not fictional caracters, Batman can outsmart Superman.

    Batman can at most win a battle, but I can never see him coming out top in a war…He can win a round or two based on the surprise element and Superman’s ignorance for danger but never the fight.

    “Batman has a plan” – Superman analysis at superhuman speed…

    You can give me any scenario and I will smash with logic.

    Even more than Kryptonite, Superman’s greatest weakness is compassion and his moral code. This is Batman’s only advantage and not his intellect (Superman has defeated the likes of Braniac for crying out loud)…

    The mere fact that we’re debating this is proof – the question is never “can Superman beat Batman” (the normal guy on the street should be abke to point that answer out in a flash). Question is always – can Batman beat Superman. This question has been used by writers to the advantage of Batman.

    It all depends on the rules and even if Superman keeps his moral code, Batman can only survive if Superman choose this to happen. The fact is that, for the same reason people do not like bullies, Superman will never go all out against Batman as this would defy his core caracter.. as a person with a deep respect for bot, but a childhood love for the big blue guy, I never want to see this happen…

  • Juan Lameiro

    I think that batman would because he can take a fricking sword made by Krypton. He slices suoerman’s fucking head off and wins.

    • T

      one stupid comment is bad enough, repeating the same thing twice idk New level. you should read the facts and other comments explaining situations of the kinda fight the hero’s are in for before you come up with a conclusion

      • Your mom

        I think your an asshole and no need to reply. I hope u burn in the dephts of hell

        • Juan Lameiro

          Ps. Its Juan Lameiro asshole. Fucking bitch

          • T

            LOL cant handle the truth its okay to admit when your wrong or just plain you know St_p_d, would you like to buy a vowel =P and i replied cause well most people don’t really consider before they decide such as yourself. you think just cause someone is smart they will come up with a way? but you yourself cant come with with a actual way.. you just assume he has a weakness therefore he will lose… you realize batman is a man… he is a human, do you know how many weaknesses you have as a human? i mean besides your intelligence. why keep putting your name up when your being burned so hard? do you like that or something… here ill give u a chance come up with a way batman will beat superman and ill tell you how superman could turn the tide okay?

          • Juan fucking lameiro

            I think your an 80 year old man who I guess is a fucking douche bag and your rich in life. And your arguring with a kid. You just wasted your little life. Have fun in hell!

          • T

            still no method to beat supes huh? that’s a pity and i am 24 studying marketing, i still think bit far of from being 80 lol. btw i like how you liked your own comment, seriously who does that =P but in regards to your 2 methods of stabbing supes in gut and chopping his head off.. all superman has to do is fly into the air use freeze breath to ice the fighting area then batman wont be able to move fast then just take shots at him with heavy objects like cars ad trucks maybe a plane or 2 or even just use his heat vision to burn bats and if he ever got low on energy all he has to do is fly back to where he can absorb sun light come back and continue for days and night till bats gets tired then bam if he is not already down by then. okay your turn come up with a better way:)

  • Juan Lameiro

    I think batman would because he could stab superman in the gut with kryptonite. So yeah. Batman wins. Period.

    • Thushjanth

      this is a fight not a execution.. you realise while batman is waving his sword around superman can run around the world and be back before batman finishes a swing of his blade so please tell me how batman stabs or chops of supermans head. some people are stupid and see one side juan i think your one of those people who think your opponent is just going to stand still and be killed…either come up with a way he can kill him considering all of supermans abilities going against him or dont make waste of time comments for other people.. :)

  • James Mcfadden

    Superman would win because superman got he’s heat vision what does batman got he’s gadgets the only way batman would beat superman is if he had kryptonite

  • Aaliyah

    Ok so people said batman cause hes “coool” and cause superman is TOO overpowered when really it doesnt matter I voted superman cause i believe that the creators would not make superman win just cause how OPness he is (lol) And he has the streght and the flight and more but matman has a mobile and a batring soooooo….. GUYs relly

    • T

      superman can withstand being hit by a missile so if batman drove his bat mobile into superman he would end up hurting himself more… personally i like batman and superman friendship more but if they were to duel it out to see who would win.. superman has a huge advantage even if bats has kyrptonite and lets face it how many times has lex luthor used kyrptonite on superman only to end up losing and in superman one million prime he becomes a god pretty much immune to magic and kryptonite… pretty sure batman stays as batman i think and superman makes lois immortal so i guess she can beat batman to wow kinda feel sorry for bats now =/ maybe if superman brings batman back to life and then if bats ask supes really really nicely supes might even bring his parents back for him cause wouldnt that be a cool story…

  • supernoodlepotato

    you guys saw in the movie…….

  • Hank Zwiep

    WE know superman wins in a landslide, this is obvious. My question is who do you think has the bigger peepee?

    • Travis Luck

      No brainer Hank! A Fruit Bat can suck its own penis so I think we’ll crown the Dark Knight on this one.

  • Narendra Deshpande


  • Esabeau Tomsic

    Why would more people think that batman would win then superman. I mean the only super power that batman is martial arts. Superman has super strength, he can fly, and he has laser eyes.

  • Quinten Jackson

    Bruh God versus some old 47 year old man wearing advanced riot gear who almost got killed by bane. And his human sister. Not to mention superman is ohh yeah a freaking god that green rock and wonder women are the two things that can get damn close to causing him pain not to mention if superman grabs batman and launches his human azz into deep space cause he can he would instantly freeze then send him back to earth with more ppsi then the tsar bomba tested in Russia

  • TED334

    At least batman doesn’t have a weakness

    • T

      yes he does hes a human… he can be crushed to death he could have a heart attack he could die from anything humans can die from …..

  • Gabriela

    Batman would not go to a fight with superman without knowing he would win. End of discussion.

    • T

      what if superman starts a fight and batman does not (prime example, bain breaks batman’s back)? you all say batman is smart but would a smart man let joker live then you can argue how can batman know joker was going to kill robin well if you do then how can batman know he is going to beat superman, most people on here overestimate batman’s intelligence seriously superman breaks into gods sanctuary and studies with god…..he must be smart in first place to be able to study with god which even batman doesn’t ever do? if he didn’t in the first place robin wouldn’t have died ha ha ha jokes on you batman.

  • Stephen Rocky Dias

    superman is extreme but He is full of shit In front of THE BATMAN
    as he is THE BEST TACTICIAN with his Years and Years experience/research.
    When it comes to kent he is dum with such powers he is blinded he will just walkin for challange without even a thought,
    Baman is HUMAN and humans bow to superiors or Rise to fight to be their Superior one way or the other by winning or dying and Bman know what Schoolboy is made of(experience) so dying is not an option it will be a competitive fight with disaster result for schoolboy

Ah, the two mainstays of DC comics and, of course, the most iconic superheros in the world. Arguably, Superman would win the battle in hand-to-hand combat, if for no other reason then he can kill Batman from orbit with his eyes, we’re more interested in who kicks the most ass. Who would you rather be? Superman embodies the All American persona, a more polished mama’s boy with unwavering values and morals while Batman is not only the most cunning detective on the planet, but he’s also one of the most intelligent people to walk the Earth. He’s honed his body to the peak of human perfection… plus he’s straight-up bad ass. Not afraid to bend his idealogy to get the job done and capable of doing real, scary damage.

Blue jumpsuits are just not our thing. Bats in black are where it’s at. Gotta say Batman all the way here. I suppose if a good superman movie were to come out this decade that could change things, but for right now Bats takes it. P.S. Who exactly is Brandon Routh?

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