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Best Pet Man's Best Friend
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The dog has long held the title of “Man’s best friend”, but does this still hold true? YouTube would have you believe otherwise. With the amount of cat videos online these days, dogs better watch their backs. Cats are making a push to win over human hearts everywhere.

It can be argued that you can interact and communicate with dogs much easier, and more effectively, than a cat. However, when you combine this with all the trouble they cause and the constant need to be watched, is the full package enough to maintain their long-standing title? At times, they are man’s worst enemy. Especially when you come home to a ransacked house and every shoe you own no longer has a sole.

What else is a cat besides cute, cuddly and fun to watch? They aren’t loud, don’t cause too many problems and even shit in a box willingly. Also they’re easy to get worked up with anything that moves. These facts are often overlooked by the fact that cat’s can get really boring really fast.




  • Intelligent
  • Loyal
  • Protector of home and property
  • Cons

  • High maintenance
  • Can be bad for small living spaces
  • Can be loud



  • Use a litter box
  • Can hunt vermin around the house
  • Damn cute
  • Cons

  • Hairballs
  • Scratch furniture
  • Ever have a cat go into heat in the middle of the night?

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