The Legend

Ever sit at a bar with a friend and ask “Who would win in a fight between Batman and Chuck Norris?” WhoWouldWinAFight.com was created for just that reason! Founded by two friends in late 2009, WWWAF.com is to be the be-all-end-all resource for just such an occasion.

Ken and Rob, two 20-something year old friends with web development & video game knowledge (not to mention a lot of time on their hands) came up with this resource to help settle bets the world over! Now you don’t have to duke it out with your friends at the bar to figure out who’s the best! Let the internet decide for you.

The Mission

Create a comprehensive database of any possible contenders in the entire world and determine a winner for each match-up obased on an unbiased voting and rating system accessible by anyone with an internet connection… *Phew*

Where You Come In

Comprehensive database is a big word for user-submitted fights! We can’t think of every epic match-up in the world, which is why you, the user, is so important to the website. Email us your ideas for fights, Tweet us your ideas for fights or just interact with us! Heck, why not Fan us on Facebook? Got a hysterical video to share? Visit our YouTube Channel! We’ve pretty much done all the hard work, now you just need to start sending in some match-ups!

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