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Gorilla VS Polar Bear

Deadliest Beast Royal Rumble in the Polar Jungle
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  • Ahlat

    The gorilla has a biteforce of 1300-1400 psi. You guys know how extreme that is? It is greater biteforce than that of a lion(600) and Tiger(1100).

    The Polar bear far out weighs the gorilla like by 1000 lbs but what we fail to realize is that although bigger = stronger in most situations, there are always exceptions and this case is one. The Gorilla’s strength is extremely insane. It’s actually so insane that people here don’t realize what the polar bear is messing with. There was a report published about the early 1920’s in which they had a grip machine in a local zoo and many strong buff human beings gave it a shot. The best they could pull off was 200. Us humans had knowledge about the angle from which to pull, the perfect leverage position and we could only manage around 200. Well that is true for us AVERAGE people, not counting extreme power lifters. A female chimpanzee in captivity from birth gripped the machine with an awful angle from within the bars and guess how much it got? An 800+ Yes it was a FEMALE chimp of no more than 140lbs who was in captivity from birth who gave this. Later a healthy male chimp gave it a try and got 1260 on the grip machine. Imagine what a 450lbs Silverback gorilla could do? Atleast somewhere in the 10k range imo.

    I am not a bear hater, Actually i love bears and grizzly is my fav but guys let’s be real here. Polar bear isn’t designed for combat. He is designed to survive in extreme artics. Bears hibernate and that means that nearly 40% of their bodyweight is FAT when they are hibernating. To those of you claiming polar bears of 1500+ lbs, let me just tell you one big news flash. Trust me he is NOT 1500lbs of PURE muscle and bone. Hell he isn’t even a 1000lbs of muscle. Somewhere around 400-600lbs would be a realistic figure.
    The Eastern silverback gorilla male weighs at an average around 420lbs. He also has fat but his arms alone make up for around 30% of his bodyweight. You guys know how insane that is? I once saw a gorilla in a zoo and it wasn’t even a silverback, a sick female held captive since birth and I swear her arms where as think as my waist. We see gorillas in tv and pictures and are like ” oh look he has big arms” , in reality it is ”he has fucking OMG HAX arms”. Gorillas have been reported to bend steel bars for the lulz, they can hang from one arm for hours. 400lbs + hanging from one arm for the lulz without breaking a swear not strong enough for you? Well np! Banana trees and bamboo trees, although not that big. have decent thickness. Gorillas break them like butter. Before you Nubs say that a polar bear can do that shit as well, Yes he can indeed but you know why?

    Because he is FUCKING overweight. Hell my friend who is 350lbs+ can break a chair while the best martial artist in my local area might have a hard time doing that. The polar bear will use his bodyweight to break the tree. A silverback will shred it to pieces using its hands. Scientists have claimed for a FACT that a larger an animal is, the more muscle it has is used up for supporting its structure and although a polar bear will hit hard no doubt, the 400-600lbs of muscle which he has will go about to support its fucking 1500+lbs weight which you polar bear fans are bringing up at every occasion.

    The polar bear has SAD claws, which are HOOKED and no longer than 3′. They are made for scrapping on ICE and shredding the blubber of SEALS, NOT for ripping open a gorilla. The Polar bear has medicore bite strength, it is good but i mean come on… you bear fans brag about how big it is and is a carnivore while my herbivore has a higher biteforce. SAD…. Anyways I know gorillas are not fighters and hell they even prefer peace but let me tell you guys one thing, a gorilla is willing to DIE to protect his precious ones or himself for the matter. Not every animal has this trait, most will choose the more smart option of running away and even I consider this fucking dumb but once you piss off a gorilla, it will come get you even if it will be killed in the process. Why do you think gorillas are more endangered so extremely? Because you shoot one bullet, he charges at you, you keep shooting until hes dead that is why gorillas are near extinction.

    Silverback strength is estimated around atleast 5000lbs. Some even claim that they have strength of 20 power lifters! I know thats fucking insane when one power lifter has a bench of around 600! That’s unrealistic even to me, however silverbacks have an extreme strength and can fight on all fours, using all FOURS!! The polar bear has sad endurance for all you niggas that don’t know, He isnt a fucking rhino nor an alligator. He has FUR, thats IT, To protect him from the extreme cold! One hit from an enraged silverback will surely crack a bone or two if not shatter it and even if the bear lunges on the silverback, It HAS the strength to push it off. To people who think that 5000lbs is exaggerated for a silverback (even though its realistic) you guys should atleast accept 2500lbs strength rite? I mean come on noob haters! Let adrealine surge kick in and this silverback will be pulling king kong style takedowns! lol jkjk, The gorilla stands a good chance at killing this fat polar teddy. It is a 60/40 with 60 in favor of gorilla.

    I know i went alittle biased but guys! I know we all LOVE bears but that don’t mean we ride them to our deaths? If it was kodaik or grizzly vs gorilla then obviously the grizzly bear would have an ENORMOUS advantage because of not being over fucking fat like polar bear and having 7′ claws that are Sharp as fuawrk, designed to rip open flesh.
    Also this encounter shouldn’t really happen as the polar bear will most likely back off and not try to fight a gorilla. My answer is influenched by a childhood experience I had in which the cage’s were getting cleaned and they accidently sent a gorilla to a cage of many crocs. Before they could intervene and stop them, the gorilla had gone too close to the lake side and one croc attacked it and bit its arm. Nothing happened to the gorilla and he shrugged the croc off after a couple of seconds, he then proceded with his chest pound intimidation and slowly walked back to the cage entrance. No other croc dared come after the gorilla. This is not fiction and this actually did happen… Then again that was silverback who was alpha as fuck!

    Anyways cheers brah!

  • antonis 2222

    a bear can lift over 500 kg a gorilla can lift 2090 kg that means that a gorilla is more than 4 times stronger but bears are bigger and weights much more especialy a polar bear a gorilla stands 6 feet tall and weight 200 kg but a polar bear can stand 11 feet tall and weights over 500 kg plus a polar bear have 12 inches claws and long sharp teeth and can kill 9 humans by one hit. Now thats how the battle would begin if they were in the same enviroment of course because they live in differend places of the world a polar bear would go close to group of gorillas the dominate male gorilla to protect his group would trying to throw things and screaming if that did not work the gorilla would run to the polar bear to attack it and protect his family the gorilla would use his strong arms to hit the polar bear and push it away but polar bears fat skin and body size would protect it by the gorilla hits then the polar bear could kill the gorilla with 2 differend ways because the gorilla its stronger the polar bear would use his body size his weigh and his straight all together to push gorilla back and killed him hith his claws and his bites with the sharp teeth and the claws would totaly cut down the gorilla and the second way is just a hit with the arm from the bear in the right distance and the gorilla would killed immediately in a second bear hit it is so strong that can kill even bisons with one hit. End thats how the battle would ended and the polar bear would have a good diner of gorilla but the gorilla family troop without the dominate male and father to protect them would be defencless to other predators and the most females and babys gorillas would killed by other predators like leopards or small tigers


    Would a 200 lb human with sick claws be scared of a 45 lb gorilla with super strength? Probably not


    Gorilla’s can lift three bears. One over handed attack and that bear will suffer massive head trauma

  • nick

    I know they are both very strong but the polar beer as big claws,not a good match for a gorilla….

  • spacewasp

    Leopards are known to hunt Gorillas that s why they make their beds in the trees.. would u say a leopard could take on a Polar bear. I don’t think so. It s pretty even between a Leopard and a silverback Gorilla. A fully grown male Polar bear is 4 times bigger than a silverback Gorilla.

  • gogglesnteeth

    If they would just move all the Polar bears to the south pole, they would have so many penguins to eat, they would be fat and happy thus weakened in a “Food Comma” like state and the gorilla would then be able to attack and WIN!

  • McKinerd

    Alright lets weigh in the stats
    Gorilla: Strong and usually large. They have a greater intelligence level then a bear and are more agile when climbing and moving. They are also a massive power on their feet and hands. A deadly bite and arm strength.
    Polar Bear: Also a deadly bite and strong limbs to hold its ground. It has a stature of about 8 feet and the gorilla only has 5 ft 9 inches. Its weight is a very dangerous tool. Unfortunately polar bears have been known to be scared away by humans simply by lots of noise and yelling.

    It would be a very tough fight, but the only factor that doesn’t cancel out is brute strength. A silverback gorilla can easily overpower a polar bear, if the bear is on 4 legs. The bear cannot stay on its back legs for too long either, so it would be killed if it wasn’t fast enough to get back on its hind legs. For the sake of giving neither an advantage, lets put them in a biome that neither is used to. A savannah in africa. Its open with scattered trees and lots of grass.

    CONCLUSION: The gorilla will win. If the bear stays on its fours for too long. There is always a stray chance of the polar bear winning but not very likely.

    All this was already decided by the scientists and staff of nat geo wild and animal planet. They have already chosen that a silverback would beat the bear in a 7/10 chance. Thats against a grizzly which is nearly 2 feet taller than a polar bear. We can only assume since these fights are illegal and probably will never happen, but science and adaptations proves final.

    • McKinerd

      Also the gorilla has more movement option because of its skeletal layout.

  • Alexander Stokle

    A polar bear can weigh like 800kg

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    polar bear has camo so gorilla

  • Guggalo

    A gorilla would kill a bear but if it was gigantopthicous he would destroy him and he ways around 90 to 110 stone and can have a bite force of up to 20.000 lb bit that 10 tons and can lift around 12 ton ye the bear would be fucked the eastern low land gorilla alone would shrewd a bear have a bite force up to over a ton and a half and can lift around 5500 lb and can stand 6 ft and i forgot the other gorilla would stand 10,12 ft

  • Lincoln Lalsingh

    Everyone’s picking on the polar bear how bout a 1800lb grizzley bear?

  • Jordan Carter

    Gorillas got it every time, as long as he goes to work on the inside as the smaller animal. Keep that head moving as well, them paws can hurt.

  • Joey

    I think the Gorilla because it’s a lot more agile. Agility is very important. The bear would need to catch and pin the gorilla down, whereas the gorilla could hop around attacking for whichever side it chose.

  • harry melling

    I hate to say it but gorilla would be able to endure any pola bear attack and eventuly the gorilla would win don’t kill me

  • Rivets

    Polar bear. While the Gorilla gets an extra point for capable of being consistently bipedal and having two sets of opposable thumbs, Polar bear are stronger, and more vicious. A typical Gorilla (as it would depend on the subspecies) can run at about 20 to 25 mph. A typical polar bear can run at the same speed, so there is not an advantage there. A Gorilla has a stronger bite force (by about 100 psi) but uses it much less commonly than a polar bear and polar bears have stronger limbs. Polar bears however, are mean. They fight a lot where as gorillas mainly intimidate. So Polar bear would likely win, though it would be very close.

  • polarcoolgorilla

    I am a gorilla and I believe I could anhialate a polar bear with my steroid filled arms #yoloswag

  • Bearbearbear

    It’s not even close. The bear eats the Gorilla like it eats everything else. It’s a nightmare beast that weighs about the same as 8 large full grown men, mostly muscle, that can look a six foot tall man straight in the eye while on all fours. Oh, and it runs faster than a horse and fears nothing because it simply has never seen anything on land or sea that it couldn’t kill and eat. Did I mention it’s the only purely carnivorous bear in the world?

    Look, gorillas are strong. Nobody is entirely sure how strong, but we’ll call it “very.” They also are herbivores. They prefer hiding or running to fighting, and their first defense is a loud show of teeth and screaming to intimidate.

    Polar bears don’t defend against shit. They see something they want to eat, they charge it and murder it and eat it. They don’t know what intimidation feels like. They’re three times the size of a big gorilla and the most fearsome land predator alive. The second and third places go to Polar/Grizzly hybrids and Grizzlies, respectively. Bears are just too much for anything else on land to handle.

    Oh, and as for the “Gorillas are smart and have thumbs” argument- Humans are smarter and have better thumbs, and bears eat us all the time. There’s a reason why we call a giant gun loaded with the hottest ammunition available “loaded for bear” and not “loaded for gorilla.”

  • Greg

    I just did some quick research and I think the bottom line is that it comes down to size and weight. A male gorilla weighs approximately 400lbs, and a male polar bear, according to what I read, weighs as much as 1500lbs. That makes a polar bear almost 4 times bigger and heavier than the gorilla. They are both aggressive, and fighters, and obviously are built differently, but I don’t see a 400lb animal beating up on a 1500lb animal.

  • nick

    You guys are idiots! A Gorilla would win probably 8/10 times! Not even a question! Use common sense!!

  • Fuckboy23

    What the fuck is wrong with every body a gorilla I s stronger than a polar bear and has more expierece all a polar does is cry about the cold n shit but a gorilla will be like fuck the cold and beat some shit up. ever go to Alaska and see a polar you think awe how cute when you see a African gorlilla you say OH SHIT is a FUCKING GORILLA!!! pfft dumb ass think a polar bear can even have a mutha fuckin chance

  • dank

    Gorilla all day. its a lot smarter and has longer more powerful arms.

    • potato

      Okay stop talking about the intelligence. When it comes to hunting, polar bears are right at the top. Think about this: there are martial arts masters who know exactly how to take someone down. Then there’s Einstein who knows physics. Who would win? SIGN LANGUAGE WILL NOT KILL A BEAR! If bears were dumb, they would be extinct. Forget your statistics and be logical.

  • G Lish

    Polar bear would win. This is not even a challenge! Gorillas are strong, but bears are simply a different league. They weigh about 2-3 times that of a Gorilla for starters; they have thick hide, huge claws, massively underestimated intelligence and agility.
    In a real fight the gorilla would quickly realise he was being torn to shreds and have a reasonable chance of fleeing back into the woods it came from. If it chose to stay the bear would toss it around like a rag doll in its jaws.
    What can a Gorilla even do? thump?

    Here is a Grizzly bear, a polar bear is equal or greater in size…

  • miroslav


  • Michael Young

    Polar Bears are too cold.

  • Joey Dizz

    It would have to be the biggest gorrila you can find versus a modest zoo bear…the bigggest polar bear would smell the gorrila a mile away…littrally..and just to make this short bears kill for a living gorrilas fight and eat veggies….gorrillas have to stop moving to swing a punch a bear can maul and bite while still retainin full movment..bears can climb and snatch fish outve water…there underestimated in sense of speed…Only a trained gorrilla with a weapon like a club or mma training could defend itself from a grizzly or polar bear….

  • James norwood

    Polar bear hunt for a living, they take down 3000 pound walrus. They often spar with each other as well. Gorillas are not carnivorious and have diets consisting mainly of bamboo. Polar bears outweigh gorillas 1600 lbs to 350lbs. Although a gorilla may have opposible thumbs, polar bears have a thick coat of fur to absorb blows as well as 4 inch claws that would tear through the flesh of a gorilla. You may argue that gorillas are faster than polar bears but polar bears can run 30 mph while gorillas only run 25 mph. This is assuming the fight is in a nuetral territory, is they were fighting in some sort of aquatic region the gorilla would get its ass handed to him because their dam afraid of water. Its no question gorilla loses 10 times out of 10.

  • Charlie O.

    polar bears could surprise the gorilla in the arctic, but a gorilla could swing from the trees in the forest. if they were fighting in a room, a polar bear would be stronger and faster, so i voted for a polar bear

  • nfcnorthishome

    Da Bears. Simple as that. A Ditka trained bear could rule the world.

  • King Kong

    Im king mother fuckin kong me aganst a giant polar bear………………………… I CAN FIGHT T REXES AT ONCE SO SAY A POLAR BEAR WILL WIN AND I WILL DESTROY YOUR HOE AND KILL YO FAMILY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ava Wagner

    As a loyal canadian I have to say that a polar bear would win because they are much much larger than gorillas and have 5in teeth and 2in claws.

  • Bill yamicka

    I didn’t read all the comments but has any one mentioned that a gorilla is naturally docile and a polar bear is naturally aggressive? That alone is a deciding factor. The gorilla will always be defending never on the offense. As they only go on offense when the threat runs from them. Why would a polar bear run from something less than half its weight?
    the average weight of a gorilla is 400lbs and a polar bear is 1100lbs. Polar bears are carnivores and predators, gorillas are not.
    I’m betting one swipe from a polar bear and the gorilla would last about a minute before all its blood would be on the ground.
    A gorilla is strong, a polar bear is stronger.
    A gorilla is smarter than a polar bear, but so are you, I’d still bet on the polar bear.
    A grizzly bear has been known to decapitate moose in one swipe, and a grizzly is smaller than a polar bear on average.
    Yea a polar bear would rip a gorilla’s head off and spit down the hole.

  • Hoffalainen

    Gorilla will win so eze.
    ggwp eze mdoe

  • matthew

    Polar bears are too cool. Gorillas are in zoos. these are facts

  • Goat boy

    A gorilla would win because it is smarter than the polar bear. And because the gorilla has opposable thumbs meaning that it could grab the polar bear and throw big rocks, ice chunks, or logs at it.

  • AKBandito

    A polar bear can beat a black man, anyday. No contest.

  • Crushman

    Polar bears are the biggest land-based carnivores in the world.

    He is too strong & too fast !

    Polar bear = Adult male polar bears weigh 350–800 kg (771–1,763 lb) and measure 2.4–3 metres (7 ft 10 in–9 ft 10 in) in total length.

    Gorilla = Adult male Gorilla weigh 230 kg (500 lb)

    Nuff said.

  • junior flores

    I bet the black one has a biggggg dick


    Dude, you say the gorilla can throw rocks and stuff. If theyre fighting in a grassland with no rocks around, your gorilla is meat on the plate for the polar bear

  • Andrey Nikaplease

    Most of you are fucking stupid, I’m not here to say which would win but you guys are fucking morons. Spewing shit all over the place without facts to prove any of what you are saying and not to mention being completely one sided all the while. I have yet to read a single comment that brings up BOTH animals and compares their strengths and weaknesses based on ACTUAL documented facts. This is pointless and NOT because of the animals in question, stop fucking blaming them. It’s your lack of intelligence that is the problem here. Jesus christ

  • Jake

    Gorilla obviously, because even if the gorilla werent capable of killing the polar bear based on strength, agility, opposable thumbs, and bite alone, they also possess the amazing capability to throw poop in the polar bears eyes before the battle even begins, obscuring the bears vision and smell and therefore securing the gorillas victory absolutely

  • Chris M.

    Polar bears are the biggest land-based carnivores in the world.

    He is too strong & too fast !

    Polar bear = Adult male polar bears weigh 350–800 kg (771–1,763 lb) and measure 2.4–3 metres (7 ft 10 in–9 ft 10 in) in total length.

    Gorilla = Adult male Gorilla weigh 230 kg (500 lb)

    Sign. 🙂

  • Dray

    Hey guys, gorilla is not fighter, if you put gorilla in match facing bear, and you won’t see gorilla’s anger. Fact gorilla Is one of the most agressive than bear does. Why? Here it is: gorilla moved really fast, they are strong than we thought when they facing the enemies and they are most fearless. Bears is same but they aren’t fast enough like gorillas. Gorillas’ mental is something we gotta to leave than decided to shoot them. Bears we most like have little time to chance to shoot them for ours protection. Possible.
    There no way we find out who win because gorilla might think y’all retard that u want them to facing bear! Gorilla use 100% both arms and legs. Bear most use with their teeth. Gorilla has many thing with their talent strengths which fact we have seen. Y’all need to understand that there no understanding of animals kingdom their strengths like we talk about between gorillas and bears. Thinking of their strengths when they facing for fighter, mating, prey and protect.

  • InauguralArmageddon .

    Have you seen how gorillas fight? They grab at each other and try to bite at each other. Death is caused by gaping injuries. Gorillas struggle to inflict major damage to one another because their weaponry is not as offensive. They are not built to kill.
    Polar bears are killing machines, they kill seals by crushing their skulls with a single bite. Polar bears are incredibly strong too, incredibly strong with rows of knife like claws, canines 5 inches long and a bite meant for killing large mammals which generates enough pressure to crush skulls. Whilst a gorilla is indeed incredibly strong and would massacre a human in a fight, polar bears are more robust than gorillas, have a more powerful, more aggressive bite, have vicious claws, also posses incredible strength and are adept killers. Gorillas are not. Arguing against a polar bear winning in this fight is arguing that a less aggressive, much smaller, much less effective killer without the weaponry of an apex predator. I think those arguing against the polar bear would be humbled by witnessing a polar bear and gorilla in a face off as a polar bear would demonstrate how ineffective a gorilla is at killing and show it for what it is; a high protein snack.

  • matt standford

    polar bears have bigger dicks

  • Matt

    Geez why does everyone say gorillas can lift 4-6 tons or a fucking truck? Where is your evidence? Gorillas never actually had a weightlifting test. Nor is it possible for them to lift that much. If they were to try lifting it would be difficult for them for the following reasons:
    1. Their arms are too fucking big

    2. Their backs are NOT trained for lifting meaning it would make it hard for them to balance and more than likely they would break their backs trying to lift.

    Also where the fuck do you get that they are cannibals?
    “they eat the heads of full grown Brazilian chimpanzees”


    2nd off where do you get that gorillas are that strong?
    “They can lift 4-6 tons”
    Unless it was on massive steroid use and managed to live it’s pretty much impossible.

    Good day

  • Fearless Films

    I honestly think that this fight depends on the location… If they’re fighting in the arctic the polar bear has the advantage due to traction on the ice and adaptability to the temperature and landscape. In the jungle however the gorilla has the upper hand because of its ability to use the trees and the foliage, and the polar bear will become overheated very quickly. The location in my opinion would have to be somewhere neutral for both of them, somewhere flat and open to provide no advantages, and somewhere just under 10 degrees to be not too warm for the bear and not too cold for the gorilla.

    All of that aside however, in my opinion this fight has little to no hope. The polar bear would make short work of the gorilla, easily.

  • felipe


  • felipe

    is not gonna animals

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