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Best Science Fiction Series Battle of The Stars
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  • William Kistner

    Star Trek would win with one Letter Q and the Borg a Tactical Cube is 1.88 Miles Squared. There is nothing in Star Wars That Could Handle the Borg Oh u Say the Emporer i Say Q. Q can Move Galaxies Vador or the Emporer Can’t.

  • William Kistner

    The Borg is a Forcd of Nature and then you have the Crystline Entity.

  • William Kistner

    The Borg React to any kind of Enery Weapon Including Plasma Weapon and Plasma Swords. The is A force of Nature and Q is the Force.

  • Darth Sidious’ apprentice

    You trekkies are forgetting that Darth Vader killed off the entire jedi order almost single handedly and would wipe his ass with the borg collective. The star federation doesnt have many designated warships while the empire is a galactic civilization that has thousands of star destroyers. Oh and the death star would just blow up planets and destroy starfleet.

    • John

      There’s no evidence that midi-chlorians exist in Star Trek. The Federation’s advanced science hasn’t found them and nobody has figured out how to use anything that could be described as the Force. Without the Force Vader would just be a tall, wheezy cyborg with a plasma sword. The Borg have been seen to adapt to many varieties of advanced weapons and since plasma is relatively primitive, they would have no problem with it. Chances are they’ve encountered dozens, if not hundreds of species that use plasma weapons. Given the fact that Star Trek’s technology is on average superior to Star Wars technology, it stands to reason that any Borg drone is going to be technologically superior to Vader. They’ve assimilated technology from thousands of species and there are trillions of them. If the Empire is a galactic civilization, then evidence points to it being a small galaxy; otherwise, they’re just one part of it. Sources conflict on that point. It’s true that the Federation has few dedicated warships but their technological advantage means that almost all of their non-dedicated warships could beat a Star Destroyer. When you throw in ship classes like the Sovereign, Prometheus, Defiant, and Akira, it becomes obvious that Star Trek has a huge one-on-one advantage. The Death Star wouldn’t be able to blow up many planets before being intercepted by many Starfleet ships. Its superlaser can’t target ships that small so it’d be useless at that point. The Death Star does have many turbolasers but their range and accuracy will be as bad as all other turbolasers. Advanced Starfleet sensors would spot the exhaust pipe weakness and they could target it with exhaust-seeking torpedoes. A good website comparing the two is here: There’s a good page with a full comparison of the two ( and many in-depth articles. I also recommend watching the youtube videos of idazmi7 and redshirtguy96. They use on-screen footage to compare the two so people can visually see for themselves and come to their own conclusions.

    • Tony Clements

      Umm, Vader didn’t kill pretty much any of the Jedi Order, that was Order 66 from the Emperor. All DV was, was a Death Star construction foreman making sure it got built, the CW troopers killed most of the jedi.

  • Andrew ZHang

    Star Trek would win, Because HAVE YOU SW MORONS EVEN SEEN HOW MUCH DAMAGE A SINGLE FREAKING PHOTON TORPEDO CAN DO?!! Also, Star trek has much more powerful blasters. 150 feet is the maximum amount a Turbolaser can damage on a ship. 2300 feet is the max amount of destruction a phaser at max can do.

  • Andrew ZHang

    If the death star was VS the enterprise, (ANY MODEL), the crew would just unload photon torps toward the main superlaser, which would disable it. next, they could simply beam crew members onboard

  • Godzilla

    If a troupe of SW stormtroopers were in a firefight with ST red shirts, the stormtroopers would still miss every shot and the ST red shirts would still die.

  • Colton Simons

    Star Trek is just overall more classy :)

  • Kennedy Parker

    Both has good and bad points. SW has names that do not really tell what the weapon is. Calling a particle beam weapon a laser is like calling a Colt .45 a slingshot or a 50 cal a catapult. SW seems to always be fighting. ST seems like a Utopian future that explorers and everything belongs to the government. One good thing is money means nothing as long as one is in the Federation. I think a bit of both would be best ST and SW would be best. I could earn for a space ship instead of a car instead of only work aboard one. Both have similar technology minus a few pieces here and their. SW looks to build things out than finding ways to shrink their technology. ST enhances it and shrinks it. I like how different the aliens look in SW compared to ST, but all of them would be freakin great. Know getting SW out of a legend style story and in to something like ST would be great. Like what if SW meets ST on a timeline that the same. SW should have much more advanced tech, and a lot less wars. The Federation and the New Republic would be making trade deals and enhancing eachothers tech if not porting tech to eachothers base tech. Deeper explorations and conflicts to make the story go on.

  • ncwill

    Star Trek would win not because of a numerical or military advantage, but because Trek technology is superior to Wars. Star Trek has transporters, superior weapons, superior shields, and can easily adapt to Star Wars technology. And in case you were wondering, I am only talking about the Federation. The Klingons, Romulans, Cardassia and all the other Trek powers would defeat the Empire within a week.

  • ncwill

    One argument I am getting sick and tired is the Jedi Mind Trick. Wars fans think that the Force can allow any Jedi or Sith to fully control any man, alien, or cyborg ease. However, all canon resources( I don’t accept expanded universe junk) state that the Force can only allow the Jedi or Sith to manipulate, not control, the weak minded. Most Star Trek races, especially Vulcans, are strong minded and can resist the mind trick

  • KaidaStorm

    Really everyone is just arguing what wins out: Magic or Science?

  • william baxter

    Star wars is for kids or basement geeks and yoda can suck my ass! Least star trek is far superior!

  • SwaggyBilbo

    im going to say star wars because it has the force and lightsabers but startrek has cool stuff too but i think a lightsaber is cooler then a phaser just sayin

  • ace

    Star wars

  • FlamingHawk

    Star Wars. Duh.
    Actually, it isn’t duh. I do think Star Trek may be more detailed. But hey, you can’t expect Star Wars to do in 6 movies what Star Trek did in an entire show. I just like Star Wars better.

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    star trek and star wars are both awesome but no shields in star wars really and all i like is chewbacca thats it nothing else

  • Valenn

    When Star War’s best ships are still rocking the old personally manned cannons, can’t cloak and can’t even tell if other shops are hitching a ride on them, yah you would be considered heavily outdated tech in the Star Trek universe. Sorry Star Wars, get some weapon locking tech at least and we will talk.

    • Valenn

      ships not shops sorry

  • Kavoovoo

    I’d like to point out to people who are saying borg adapt to any shot…that first, yes, they can probably adapt to standard particle shots form an EE11, say, but all the empire would need to do is break out the old BlasTech DC-15 line, used by clone troopers, which cannot be adapted to because they’re hybrid particle-ion blasters. They shut down machines as well as pelt them with particle energy, thus making adaptation useless.

    Also, there is the matter of the force. Which can, as shown in canon, be used by a sufficiently skilled force wielder, to crush, smash or even disassemble droids to their component parts in seconds. The adaptation is also meaningless there because the force is an intangible field generated by all living things and controlled via the mind. It’s not physical, it’s what keeps universe itself held together.

    There is also the fact that you cannot teleport into a shielded vessel, and finally, the sample fact of Stormtrooper armor. Which is ballistics armor, and cannot be breached by knives or even armor piercing bullets. A borg drill would have difficulties taking that out.

    There is also the fact of heavy weapons. Borg sheilds rely on personal power generators, whearas, say, an AT-ST’s cannon is still a cannon, and one shot should be enough to overwhelm the shields and crisp the borg. Also, borg do not adapt as a race. How many times has someone hit them with a phaser and they drone “Adapting?” Also, let us not forget that there are so many makes and outputs of blaster, laser, phaser, maser, slugthrower vibroweapon and thermal weapons, with variable power outputs, that adapting to one isn’t going to help much when there’s another million different weapons on different settings out there.

    Furthermore. Thermal detonators. These create an implosion field that vaporizes the target, and sheilds are useless against them since they basically mash anything within the radius. Borg aren’t immune to physics. It’s directed power weapons.
    (Which by the way means that while a borg may be able to adapt to energy and solid slug weapons, bashing one over the head with a club would probably be an unbeatable strategy, they, as I said, cannot adapt to physics and gravity and mucle power are some of the simplest forms of physics)

    Onto Star Destroyers. As exemplified with sputter lasers, a ship weapon has basically infinite levels of power settings. Try beating that.

    Onto the final, penultimate argument, that really has no rebuttal.

    I’d like to see Borg try and assimilate battle droids.

  • azagcat

    Trek. By far. Get a bunch of tribbles. Beam them over to a star destroyer or Death Star. No Dr. McCoy in Star Wars to figure them out. Game over.

  • Spock

    Both Star Trek and Star Wars are world-renowned television series and films, and both have defined science fiction and have changed the whole cinema industry forever. However, when pressed I would have to say that Star Trek is better. It is just my opinion, but I just found that Star Trek was just more entertaining. I believe that the whole Trek universe is more profound, creative, and fascinating than Star Wars could ever be. That said, I must admit that Star Wars is also a fascinating series with a captivating storyline, wonderful special effects, and creative themes that is almost unsurpassed in the science fiction genre.

  • Guest

    Before Vader can do anything, Q shows up and turns the Death Star into a huge explosion. So much for fighting Q.

  • Nate grey

    Star Wars wins no question because there are Jedi who could just ripe the entipres in half


    Star trek is almost at it’s 50 year mark. Thats cool you know what else is cool ME an you know what is not cool STAR WARS, well Star Trek is better anyway. Who needs magical laser swords when you have a gun with a frikin laser beam!


    oh. a galaxy far far away, lets just let them be humans because of reasons!

  • Aki86

    What I don’t understand ist why, Star Wars Fans often refer to the EU? Star Wars has also spinoffs (Holiday Special, Christmas Special, Ewoks: Battle of Endor) and TV Shows – okay most Animated and CGI stuff (The Ewoks, Droids, Clone Wars, TCW, Rebels), so why should be the books be canon? Trek has also The Animated Series which is in my opinion also interesting.

  • Aki86

    I know it’s a double post but what I really like about Trek that it foreshades, inspires or uses some of the technology earlier as in our real world. Like the communicators (wrist communicators) which are inspired mobile phones, and the padds (–> Iphones/Ipads, tablet pcs), transparent aluminium (–>ALON), the hypo spray, universal translator, biotechnology etc etc. Okay Star Wars has a lot of droids, yes, but what has it done in the real world? Star Trek has Data, which is furthermore a model for future androids. ^^ Also has Trek a connection to the NASA which why the first US Space Shuttle is named Enterprise, and images from the Voyager space probes are used the ST: TMP even the name for Voyager 6 which become V’Ger (that’s what I like about TMP). It inspires many, many peoples which become engineers, scientists, physicians (and actors like Whoopi Goldberg) to work on the technology which is shown in the TV-Series and movies. Now xprise want to develop a system which is like the tricorder ( And even the brigde from the original Enteprise is highly rewarded for it’s efficent design. So Trek wins a lot more than Wars.

  • William Kistner

    Q is the force Q can move galaxies the force cant Q can snap his fingers and guess what no more force.

  • William Kistner

    Yes Star wars has Shields but they are nothing compared to Star Trek Shields the galaxy class ship (enterprise D) has seven layers of shields. And a Quantum Torpedo would rip the hell out an ISD.

  • Michael Young

    Star Wars is better.

  • Savi0r

    The physical world of Star Wars does not make sense. Newtonian classical physics would conflict and destroy everything in the Star Wars Universe. I mean their battlecruisers would collapse and implode. They can only reach lightspeed…
    In Star Trek, there are laws and rules within Einstein’s law of special relativity, that they are aware about. In Star Trek, they are capable of using wormholes, lightspeed, beam transporters, allies from other civilizations, shields… something that star wars lack

  • Savi0r

    the problem here is that, people that voted star wars, dont or haven’t seen star trek nor have knowledge of star trek. It is completely biased vote and misleading vote. Due to the fact that, Star Wars appeal to audience with CGI and light sabers, while In Star Trek, is toward the generation from the 1960′s “The day of tomorrow.” Star Trek audience are fully aware of Star Wars knowledge, and understand that the laws of physics are extremely outweighed by real life physics.

    • Guest

      I agree with you, everybody just votes Star Wars because they haven’t watched Star Trek and they all have watched Star wars when they were kids. If I remember correctly, TOS wasn’t popular, so that’s why it only lasted 3 seasons; but I heard that many people later on thought that they should of continued TOS adding a 4th season. I loved watching TOS and TNG and it clearly states in small details per episode how Star Trek is indeed better than Star Wars.

      • Guest

        Also adding how Star Trek is older than Star Wars, which means Star Trek should of gotten the upperhand

  • Guest

    Q is the most powerful being in the Star Trek universe. The strongest in the Star Wars universe would be the Jedi and the Sith. Since we know the Jedi and Sith can both kill each other with the force or with their lightsaber, which made the top 10 list for top 10 sci fi weapons. However, anybody who has watched Star Trek knows what Q can do. He can end the universe with a snap of a finger, or throw a party on a starship. Everybody knows how big of a troll Q can be, so Star Trek wins with a simple snap of a finger.

  • Just stating the obvious
  • goldy

    Star wars

  • ArchKnight

    I have tried to research what kind of sensors the targeting computers of ships in Star Wars use. As far as I can tell, they are EM based. Meaning they can only function at the speed of light (like modern radar). In addition, it seems that Star Wars weaponry has to be targeted MANUALLY. Reference Han and Luke shooting down tie fighters from the Millennium Falcon using methodology not unfamiliar to the crew of a B-17 bomber during Earth’s “World War II”.
    As far as I can find, this is true even on board a Star Destroyer.
    This means that there is no way on in all the galaxy that the gunners onboard a Star Destroyer will ever HIT a Federation Starship. I will explain why.
    Weapons onboard a Federation Starship are not aimed manually. The computer uses subspace sensors (which function through subspace and are therefore FTL – Faster Than Light) to locate the specified target and to aim and fire the weapons. A Starfleet Weapons officer does not aim at the enemy ship … he/she/it chooses the specific point on the enemy ship he/she/it wishes the computer to hit.
    Subspace sensors can even scan the enemy ship, under most circumstances, to identify the function of a particular point. The computers can target and strike this target even if the Federation Starship itself is moving at FTL speeds. While most SW fans assert that Star Destroyers (SD) are faster than Starships, I have never seen any evidence that SD’s can actually FIGHT at FTL speeds. It is Start Trek cannons that Star Ships can fight entire battles at FTL speeds.
    A Starships sensors will easily identify the sheer raw firepower of a Star Destroyer, alerting the crew to rely on speed and maneuverability.
    Thus, the attack plan against a Start Destroyer starts out fairly simple: Accelerate to Warp 1.1; Fire at will
    Now, while there’s no way the crew of a Star Destroyer will ever score a hit on a Star Ship moving at FTL speeds, it may well be that standard Starfleet weapons simply can’t inflict enough damage on a Star Destroyer to disable it, but I’m not sure.
    The destructiveness of a phaser does not come from sheer, raw power as do the main guns on a Star Destroyer. A phaser is columnated energy, fired through sub-space (again, making it travel at FTL speeds). Some literature indicates that a phaser also contains an anti-matter particle beam.
    Thus, traveling through subspace, a phaser affects the matter of the target in ways that sheer, raw power never could. In the ST universe, of course, the Federation’s enemies are well aware of all this and design their shields and ships with these facts in mind.
    Thus, I am not at all sure that a phaser won’t rip right through the SD’s bridge (easily located by the Starships sensors) with no problem. But let’s assume that the Star Destroyer’s armor is dense enough to offer high resistance to phasers.
    There is some question whether SW shields will even affect something traveling through subspace. The phasers may by-pass the shields entirely by simply not passing through the same space the shields occupy. But that is speculation, so let’s assume that SW shields can, in fact, stop something being fired through subspace.
    What we do see in SW is two different types of shields. Those generated internally by the ship/station being protected, and those projected from an external source.
    The first Death Star was protected by shields generated by the Death Star itself. Through this shield, physical objects, such as similarly shielded X-Wing fighters, were able to pass through the shield, though with some resistance.
    The second Death Star was protected by a shield generated from the nearby moon of Endor. This shield could not be penetrated by the shielded rebel ships, so Calrissian had to order the fleet to “pull up” so they would not be smashed against the shields.
    So, let’s assume that the SD’s shields (generated by the SD itself) will, in fact, stop phasers cold in their tracks, or that the combination of shields, armor, and sheer size is enough to keep the Starship from inflicting sufficient damage against the Star Destroyer.
    Now, the thing about Starfleet crews is they are trained for Space Exploration. To this end, in addition to combat skills, they are also trained to “think on their feet”. They are trained, like Apollo Astronauts, to use the equipment they’ve got in creative ways to do things never envisioned by the engineers. This is a plot element of around 80% (statistic not derived from scientific survey) of all Star Trek episodes.
    So … the crews frequently invent new weapons/techniques in the middle of an episode. A volley of shielded photon/quantum torpedoes could certainly be created “on-the fly” by a Starship crew and would no doubt penetrate a SD’s shields. A warp-driven shuttle can be loaded down with an anti-matter bomb and it’s autopilot programmed to fly it straight into the Star Destroyer’s bridge at Warp 4. Frankly, at Warp 4, I’m not sure it matters WHERE the shuttle hits.
    My option, being a lover of automated fighting, would be as follows:
    1. Have engineering staff construct some anti-matter bombs. If that will take too long, photon torpedoes will probably do.
    2. Program computer to do the following, very, very quickly.
    a. fly the Starship at Warp 2 through the SD’s shields with our hulls just far apart enough to make room for our own shields. Yes, Starfleet Nav computers can do that.
    b. Drop out of warp inside the SD’s shields.
    c. In the space of about 1/10 of a second … far too quickly for the SD crew to react, the computer will drop our shields, use the cargo transporters to beam anti-matter bombs/photon torpedoes onto the bridge and into the engine room (no need to worry about all the silly safety features used to transport living things), then raise shields and go to Warp 5 and get the Trek out of there.
    3. From thousands of kilometers away, watch Star Destroyer explode on screens.
    Thus, I think a Starfleet Starship (especially Galaxy class or higher) could absolutely destroy a Star Destroyer. Not by going “toe-to-toe” with it certainly, but by using it’s more exotic technology.
    But, sadly, that’s not really our problem.
    If the Empire were to suddenly invade the Federation, the problem is going to be that StarDestroyers can surround Federation planets and pound them into submission before Starships can reach them.
    Our hope then is that I’m not sure what will happen when they reach Vulcan. If the Vulcans resurrect the old Kolinar disciplines that allow them to use their telepathy as a weapon (and being very logical, I imagine they would do exactly that if the survival of their planet was at stake and they had any kind of warning at all … which they did NOT have in the J.J. Abrams reboot), then they can probably have the crews of the Start Destroyers shooting each and jumping out airlocks before Starfleet ever gets there. And how long will it take the VULCANS to reverse engineer Star Destroyers? A week … maybe?

Star Trek

For over 40 years, Star Trek has been a fixture in Science Fiction television and film. “Star Trek, The Original Series” first aired in September of 1969, featuring the now legendary and unforgettable, William Shatner, as Captain Kirk. Although the ratings struggled and the Original series only lasted three years, Star Trek became a instant cult classic. Since the original series, there have been numerous films and five additional television series’. One of the most widely successful of which was “Star Trek , The Final Frontier”, with Patrick Stewart playing Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the Enterprise.

Star Trek story-lines are based around space exploration and the goal to “to boldly go where no man has gone before”. Each television series depicts the adventures of crews from different star ships. Along the way, conflict is brought about by clashes with alien life forms and the inherit dangers of space exploration.

Some of the memorable Star Trek characters include: Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Spock, Data , Geordi La Forge, Worf (to name a few).

While Star Trek has always had an overall serious feel, there was always a humorous undertone. Who could forget the episode from Next Generation when Data is learning to understand humor and tries his hand at stand up?

Star Wars

If you were to ask a person what movie comes to mind when you say the word “Sci-Fi”, “Star Wars” would likely be the answer. In a lot of ways, the Star Wars series defined what Sci-Fi is today.

The first Star Wars movie, “Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope” was released in 1977. Since the release of A New Hope, the series has become a pop culture phenomenon. Every type of merchandise that can be imagined has been created base on the Star Wars films. From video games to drinking cups, there are very few things that don’t offer a Star Wars themed option. Even Motorola jumped on the star wars bandwagon releasing an R2D2 version of their successful Droid Phone in 2010.

The Star Wars films have earned over 4 billion dollars worldwide, making it one of the highest grossing film series in history. The plot of Star Wars is based around the life of Luke and Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader). To sum it up… with an in depth, well thought out storyline derived from a meticulous attention to detail, the films overall plot is a story depicting an epic battle between good and evil. Luke, a Jedi is the protagonist for “Good” while Darth Vader, a high ranking general of the “the Dark Side” is the protagonist for evil. The two characters meet in the end of an epic journey to make for one of the most memorable moments in film history.

The execution of the film and the special effects in each film have always been ahead of their time. George Lucas and his production company, Lucasfilm was a pioneer in CGI. Lucas pulled out all the stops when it came to special effects and editing techniques in the the Star Wars films. They are known as some of the most groundbreaking films in CGI.

While Star Wars was an instant classic in the theatres as is today a cultural phenomenon, can the longevity and originality of Star Trek hold up in contrast?

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