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Star Trek VS Star Wars

Best Science Fiction Series Battle of The Stars
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  • Yaz

    obviously star wars has beloved characters , more action scenes , and hell, a badass villain so I vote for star wars. TAKE THAT WILLIAM SHATNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spaghetti

    Dar wers

  • walle ras

    Here is the story.

    Enterprise finds star wars. Empire attacks. Destroys enterprise due to lack of point defense cannons. Federation attacks Empire. Empire blows up Earth with DS. Borg attacks new republic. Luke flow walks and destroys them all before they were born. Why didn’t he do that in the movies? Because he didn’t know how. You guys don’t get how powerful the force is. Yesrael Poof could trick some padawans using a mind trick. Let us also talk about the Jed’aii. They have the power to do a whole lot. Not only that could the borg survive a supernova? Nope. Unless their shields can react to billions of degrees then they are doomed. Star crusher. It could destroy anything. On Q, you get Q we get something even more powerful. The force. It could overpower Q. On shields, If the primitive Gunguns could create shields that could block tanks then the Empire could create one to react to Phasers. Not only that in episode one the trade federation resisted photon torpedoes. Well their shields did. Not only that the shield in episode for resisted ALL attack. If that was placed on a more advanced Death Star then it would be able to destroy everything.

    To all idiots saying that fighters were un-shielded, they were not. It was just that TIE fighters have advanced enough weapons to cut through shields that had full power to rear. The only un-shielded craft was the Jedi fighters in episode III. And they could deflect laser fire with the force. Yoda could stop falling rocks. Other jedi have blocked missals. No doubt they could stop photon torpedoes. Jedi can also teleport, or heal people.

    On Warp vs Hyperspace. Warp space is a scientific phenomenon. Hyperspace is a theorized fabric that allows shortcuts to be used. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how fast one is, Hyperspace shortens the journey using a folding of space.

    In conclusion, Star Wars would defeat Star Trek. Except if Q was around. Then I give Star Trek the victory.

    • TC0370

      Borg cubes find the DS, or a SD, scan their ship or station, beam over. They get hit a couple times, adapt to the weapons. More Borg come over, assimilate the crew one, two three at a time, get access to computers, learn the weaknesses..assimilate more crew..’til the SD or DS is destroyed thru self destruction. Meanwhile, the Borg continue to locate more SD’s…..

      Starfleet vessels scan the SD, or DS. The crew laugh at “TURBOlasers’, and just go about their business. Or, they find the Imperial shield frequencies while rotating their own, and beam over photon torpedoes or just take out their shield generators (pretty easy since they are on top of the SD.)…BOOM!

      Ground the Ewoks to smash Troopers with rocks and arrows. (Their armor sucks BTW.)

      When the HELL have Jedi teleported in the Original Trilogy, or anywhere other then the holy Expanded Universe, which isn’t canon anymore.

  • OG Veteran

    Star Wars seems more sci fi and Star trek seems more nerd geeky

    • TC0370

      You have it reversed, ST is more science related, SW is more space opera, no real explanations about their tech, just over inflated numbers.

  • Larry W.

    I have always liked Star Trek better– especially the original series, which aired on NBC from 1966 through 1969. I prefer its characters and stories, which I think are more memorable than Star Wars.

  • Andrew ZHang

    Star Wars uses lasers.

    Already losing.

    Star Trek uses contained beams of pure energy derived from antimatter.

  • Arman

    Star Wars Bitches

  • furrybacon

    star wars because F*** you Klingon bible

  • Mukund Joshi

    The Force dude.. It destroys everything.. So star wars anyday.. But if u use force to destroy everything, u become a sith lord, and go to the dark side.. Which is not a good thing.. So i am not sure..!! It’s still stronger tho..!! #MayTheForceBeWithYou

  • ZKxWraith

    Star trek wins on account of one person, Q.

  • papa josh

    star war is the best because it got everything

  • Matthew John Hayden

    Completely different fictions with incompatible depictions of tech, so throwing them at each other is unfair on both, since the ST universe has no equivalent of lightsabers or the Force and SW doesn’t really make a big thing of energy shielding or offer explanations (in the movies) of how the directed energy weapons featured even work.

    Suffice it to say that a lightsaber produces a solid yet weightless beam – that’s why they can strike each other and stick, rather than go through each other as they would if they were just beams of light or plasma. QED no adapting to that with regenerative or adaptive shielding.

    Shields and deflectors on the one hand and phasers and disruptors on the other are explained almost to a fault in ST, but how they would affect the shields and armour depicted in SW is unknowable because the SW folks never bothered to explain how their systems work.

    We know they’re not firing lasers, because a laser beam is continuous and travels at the speed of light, whereas the naked eye can see the blasts from the blasters in SW leave the guns and race forward.

    Also SW depicts a universe in which – as in real life – teleportation is impossible. So are you going to say that that works in a confrontation? Cos that’s a big bone of contention.

    Also, let’s bear in mind that a Star Destroyer has the same displacement as three or four Borg Cubes while being armed to the teeth with a weapon type that doesn’t exist in Star Trek.

    Also the Borg in ST are actually depicted as being unable to adapt to certain kinds of weaponry, or only partially capable of adapting to others. An example of a total no-no is tetryon weapons. A partial example is starship-scale phasers and disruptors, which Cubes are never depicted fully adapting to, but rather simply resisting better and better.

  • Fearless Films

    Why Star Trek has already lost, just look at the vote comparison. 15000+ for Star Wars and only just over 3500 for Star Trek… It’s not even close! No one knows Star Trek, everyone knows Star Wars. Why? Because it was more successful because it was better, and Trekkies don’t want to admit that their series is not the best Sci Fi series anymore. Star Trek may have been good during its time, but it has been outdone by Star Wars since 1977. And a fight between both series? Forget it. The one reason Star Wars would win is not because of technology, I would say both series considering EVERYTHING are almost even in technology at their disposal, Star Wars wins because of the Force. Star Trek has nothing to combat a silent field of energy created by all living things that can either injure, ensnare, or outright kill an opponent with an outstretched hand. Force push, pull, choke, lightning, repulse, those are just the basics. If a Jedi or Sith wanted to, with enough concentration and time during a battle, could kill any Trek character by suffocation or straight up snapping their neck or crushing their skull, or even just crushing the life support systems of a Star Trek cruiser, even the Enterprise, causing everyone on board to die. There are so many options the Force presents that I do not believe Star Trek could combat effectively, because you have to keep in mind Star Wars has four entire armies (Republic, CIS, Rebellion, Empire) as well as Jedi and Sith, Bounty Hunters, Crime Lords, Creatures, and don’t forget about the entirety of the Expanded Universe Star Wars has. The more I write, the more I want to see a battle because I am so confident Star Wars is not only a more successful movie franchise, the actual Universe itself is stronger in arguably every way than the Universe of Star Trek. I look at it like an older gentleman being outdone by a younger, stronger, and more well rounded mature man. Bring it on Trekkies, or, as much as you can…

  • Firepower90

    STAR WARS!!!!!!!!! Because the Sith can use Force Lightning, Force Choke, and they have the DEATH STAR!!!!AND, every ship WOULD have SHIELDS!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!

  • Denon Barton

    First i want to say i love star wars, but star trek would win by quite a bit. I mean last time I checked, star wars couldn’t time travel (which means star wars is already kind of dead). but, i mean star trek doesn’t have a death star, but who needs a death star when you could literally turn a planet into a black hole. also after a few shots from the star destroyers and the the federation ships would be invulnerable to their weapons because star trek can change the frequencies of their shield to deflect or absorb energy. Like Le Me said, yeah… transporter technology cant be beat, either you beam a torpedo into the middle of their ship or you beam every one off their ship into space< since star trek can beam stuff through other shields when they find the shield frequency. also attending to the warp capabilities, have you ever heard of the coaxial warp drive? a warp drive that bends the fabrics of space to instantaneously go from one end of space to the next. love you star wars, but this isn't your fight to win.

Star Trek

For over 40 years, Star Trek has been a fixture in Science Fiction television and film. “Star Trek, The Original Series” first aired in September of 1969, featuring the now legendary and unforgettable, William Shatner, as Captain Kirk. Although the ratings struggled and the Original series only lasted three years, Star Trek became a instant cult classic. Since the original series, there have been numerous films and five additional television series’. One of the most widely successful of which was “Star Trek , The Final Frontier”, with Patrick Stewart playing Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the Enterprise.

Star Trek story-lines are based around space exploration and the goal to “to boldly go where no man has gone before”. Each television series depicts the adventures of crews from different star ships. Along the way, conflict is brought about by clashes with alien life forms and the inherit dangers of space exploration.

Some of the memorable Star Trek characters include: Captain Kirk, Captain Picard, Spock, Data , Geordi La Forge, Worf (to name a few).

While Star Trek has always had an overall serious feel, there was always a humorous undertone. Who could forget the episode from Next Generation when Data is learning to understand humor and tries his hand at stand up?

Star Wars

If you were to ask a person what movie comes to mind when you say the word “Sci-Fi”, “Star Wars” would likely be the answer. In a lot of ways, the Star Wars series defined what Sci-Fi is today.

The first Star Wars movie, “Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope” was released in 1977. Since the release of A New Hope, the series has become a pop culture phenomenon. Every type of merchandise that can be imagined has been created base on the Star Wars films. From video games to drinking cups, there are very few things that don’t offer a Star Wars themed option. Even Motorola jumped on the star wars bandwagon releasing an R2D2 version of their successful Droid Phone in 2010.

The Star Wars films have earned over 4 billion dollars worldwide, making it one of the highest grossing film series in history. The plot of Star Wars is based around the life of Luke and Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader). To sum it up… with an in depth, well thought out storyline derived from a meticulous attention to detail, the films overall plot is a story depicting an epic battle between good and evil. Luke, a Jedi is the protagonist for “Good” while Darth Vader, a high ranking general of the “the Dark Side” is the protagonist for evil. The two characters meet in the end of an epic journey to make for one of the most memorable moments in film history.

The execution of the film and the special effects in each film have always been ahead of their time. George Lucas and his production company, Lucasfilm was a pioneer in CGI. Lucas pulled out all the stops when it came to special effects and editing techniques in the the Star Wars films. They are known as some of the most groundbreaking films in CGI.

While Star Wars was an instant classic in the theatres as is today a cultural phenomenon, can the longevity and originality of Star Trek hold up in contrast?

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