Iceman VS Maverick

FIGHT! Fighting Fighter Pilots
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Top Gun “rocketed” to success in 1986. It was a movie filled with heart-pounding action, drama, love, sadness, humor and joy. The plot of the movie was based around, you guessed it: “Top Gun”, a flying school for elite fighter pilots, located in Mirimar CA. Only “the best of the best” fighter jet pilots were chosen to be trained at Top Gun. Two of those chosen pilots were Peter Mitchel, call sign Maverick (Played by Tom Cruise) and Tom Kasansky, call sign “Iceman” (played by Val Kilmer).

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell

Maverick was a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of guy. He wasn’t afraid to hit the breaks and let the enemies fly right by. He would never be caught DEAD flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of hong kong. He always had the need… the need for speed. Even when buzzing the tower.

Maverick’s character was defined by his reckless style of flying. Living in the shadow of his father Duke, Maverick was out to prove that his reckless flying style is the stuff of legends and not the cause of his fathers death . Duke, who shared Maverick’s apporach toward flying was shot down in combat and the fault was officially placed on him for the incident.

When compared to Iceman, Maverick took more risks and, well, had more “balls”. The problem Kasansky (“Iceman”) had with Maverick was that he was too “dangerous”. That he was “unsafe”. This theme of taking riskd vs. flying by the book progressed the story line into epic scenes of men playing volleyball, deaths of loved ones and ultimately the most kick-ass dog fight scene ever!

Tom “Iceman” Kasansky

Outwardly, Iceman sported the same physical makeup as Maverick, but Mentally he was much different. Iceman was very intelligent and flew “by the book”. He was a proud character who followed the rules of flight at all times. For this, he was ultimately rewarded for his efforts as being dubbed “the best of the best”, wining the “Top Gun Trophy”. While Iceman flew his F-14 Tomcat based on text form a textbook, Maverick flew based of instinct.

Enough about that!

Who cares about being a pilot!? None of that pilot stuff matters in this arena. This is about who could knock the other out in a fight. Will Iceman’s calculated approach toward flying translate into calculated blows to Maverick’s face or will Maverick’s instincts and reckless attitude be enough to withstand the witty and knock Iceman out COLD!?!?!? The choice is up to you!

“Talk to me goose…”
“Maverick get in there for chist’s sake!”
“Ice is in trouble. he’s got no cover!”
“Talk to me goose…”
“Get in there maverick. He wont last down there alone!”
“Get in the fight for Christ’s sake!”

“Maverick’s Re-engaging sir!”

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