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It’s a nice little Saturday and you have some shopping to do… where will you go? Will you go to Target in an attempt to hold onto some dignity? Or will you go to Walmart to get, hands down, the best deals in town?

Classy Cheap vs. Straight up Cheap

While Target gives you the aura of being a “high class cheapskate”, Walmart takes cheap to the extreme making all the bargain hunters feel welcome with clearance bins and often times the classic, clearance product disarray.


Both offer a wide selection of products. Both come in “super” flavors too, although it’s tough to find anything that can be worn with much pride at Walmart.


The shopping experience at Target is always less eventful than at Walmart, but it’s easier to get what you need faster. Walmart offers some great laughs but if you’re looking to be productive and get in (and out) quickly, you might be met with some resistance. The size of Walmart stores is daunting and often times they are not very logically laid out. Also, to say the cashiers “take their time” would be an understatement. We’re all for equal employment of every type of person, but c’mon… really? Do you need to be filing your hot pink fingernails while fluffing your beehive? It seems like Walmart employees find their job very difficult too. And they like to carry on long, personal conversations! Watch out for the occcassional runaway shopping cart and you have Walmart in a nutshell.


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